His Devotee

her lack of confidence,
deep within,
sails past most
as they watch
day to day,
so intriguing, she,
a soul they want close.
Then One leans in,
comes a little closer,
sensing her heart,
The wait he’ll entertain,
a point of patience given,
proof of his ability
to see her,
and who she is,
true acceptance shown, granted.
The beginning of what is
meant to be,
his devotee.


32 thoughts on “His Devotee

  1. The connection with this piece (and photo) is strong, almost surreal ~ it speaks to the beauty we take for granted until she is just walking out the down…and then we realized what a beauty she is. Awed by what we seeing, where my devotion is over-shadowed by her devotion to us all. Humbling. Exotic. Intimate. And the devotee dreams of the next chance to see her again. Love the words ~ love the photo πŸ™‚


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