I dreamt of green,
a place where
I’m not forgotten.
to be me,
writing as easily
as I breathe.
Yet, I wake cautious
clinched fists and
arms wrapping,
teeth clamped
with yellow hues
covering my body,
freezing in how
I’m seen.
maybe dreamland
is my preferred
I never said healthy.
the discovery of red,
as it would, obviously,
kill me.
So let me wander,
escape common,
a captivating me,
if you can’t watch
then leave.


34 thoughts on “Aud

  1. Those moments that you do find where you write as naturally as you breathe, are moments that are gifts for us all πŸ™‚ To dream, to wonder and then wander…those are my favorite days, favorite feelings. I relate to your line “maybe dreamland is my preferred reality,” as there is not a better place even if it means I spend too much of my waking hours in daydream πŸ™‚ Beautiful writing Aud, beautiful.

  2. I like how you explain that zone between your dreamtime and your cautious awakening time and then like most of us, wish to be back in the preferred dreamland.


    Life’s a tragedy
    Trapped within their costumes
    The actors expire

    Backstage real life breeds
    More down to earth deceptions
    Still roles; still acting

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