The way you approach
In full confidence
Steady control
Centers me

An ability to sense
Where I’m at emotionally
By simply patrolling
Around me

Knowing you’re near
A presence about you
I cling to automatically
With nothing to fear

As if exploration of my mind
Is what you desire
What sets me apart
And yours to admire

The mastery used
Absolutely nothing to prove
Leaves me yearning
Spinning, as I watch

Fantastic ability surrounds
Every thought, every sound
My body reacts

Your offer, often powerful
Soothes my soul
Leaves me adored
Until next time


45 thoughts on “Precision

  1. Your words always amaze me ma’am.

    My lack of poetic skill is legend but I can read and this reminds me of a favorite funny. Once, in a land far, far away I was heading off of an Air Force installation. As I eased up to security I saw a bumper sticker that made me laugh for the rest of the day.

    “Yea though I travel through the Valley of Death I fear no evil for I am 18,000 feet, payload free and climbing!”

    Drop the load and climb so you may enjoy your day ma’am.


    • Well, C, that means a lot, thank you. If I can amaze you, one who doesn’t particularly care for poetry, then I’m achieving what I set out to do. Poetry can be readable and enjoyed by all in some way.

      Your story…I didn’t know this about you. Serendipitous, I say. Thanks for sharing your story here. There is always time for laughter.

      Thanks for the advice. Being capable of doing so will return, my hope.


  2. Precision indeed. Loving this new style: punchy and powerful. Inspired me to respond with this:


    You are invited to take the air
    On wings for too long trussed
    (Not the best sort of trust)
    So switch craving to braving
    Half the sky is already yours
    The other half yours to explore


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