The Normal Story of Us

Are opposites attracted,
As those before us would say,
or can two identical souls
make it work in the most
beautiful of ways
to end up in love,
Once their pain has washed away,
To possibly meet,
Another time, another place.

is this the story that changes lives forever?

I don’t know for certain, yet it feels that way, doesn’t it?

could it go wrong?

without a doubt, wouldn’t you agree?

yes, however, I still feel nothing but hope, so I guess that means we’ll make it through?

even if my teaching is quieted to nothing more than a breeze to the back of your neck eventually?

you’ve prepared me for more, you know?

there’s a possible love nobody knows exists, no one but you and I.

is it my turn to tell it?

Yes, I believe it is…


23 thoughts on “The Normal Story of Us

  1. Two souls
    Harmonized with the universe
    It matters not the polar bonds
    Nor boundaries set
    By life’s misunderstandings
    Only two hearts
    Beating as one
    A symphony of strings
    Woven from one to the other
    Perhaps for another time
    In another place
    Bathed in the sound of angels
    A story of love
    Written for a lifetime
    Lingering beyond forever…
    Savored most beautifully
    In the moment

    Only one who has walked within the light can tell the story of a love so rare…

    Is it your turn to tell it?
    Can you feel the breath upon your neck?

    Beautiful words Audrey Dawn… wonderful pondering of life and love…


  2. Enjoyed this piece, the flow of the questions with the answer in the last line (as someone kind of said above). Admittedly the only thing I’m fairly sure about is that I’m not sure about the future. Oh yes, and likes and opposites don’t actually exist, apart from magnets. πŸ™‚


  3. Love the photo ~ great sky, secluded feel of a perfect night πŸ™‚
    I think one of the reasons there are people who are optimistic and happy in life, is because in their soul they believe a possible love is out there that others do not believe. And out there is another time, another place…and the anticipation of this being the time keeps a smile on the face.


    • Aw, you’re being too kind, I think. Such a gentleman, Randall. Love is possible and it’s possible in every way we can imagine. Each form a delight, and when it’s the one we’ve waited for…all is right with the world.

      So good to see you again. I trust your visit home has been a good one so far. I like when you’re here and I know you’re safe. Enjoy your weekend, My Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire β™‘


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