maybe punishing myself is just what was intended,
there are moments
when I do this better than anyone else,
congratulations, Red
another successful day


42 thoughts on “Self-inflicted

  1. Anyone get hurt in that accident?
    And I mistakenly thought you had a most interesting day yesterday… Hmmm
    Maybe you should post…………… Why?
    If your self-inflicted punishment requires repairs…
    I have super glue and duct tape…
    Warm hugs “Red”


  2. There’s also a four by six:



    When you make a mistake
    then you say, “That’s not right.”
    Then you say, “You’re not wrong.”
    That’s how you stay balanced.

    (From “The Book Of Guff”.)


  3. A tanka that might be helpful?



    One cannot transcend
    Without something to transcend
    Stop running away
    It’s not time to be perfect
    Just learn to be where you are

    (from “The Book Of Guff”.)


  4. No, you do not deserve punishment of any kind. Maybe a moment of self-reflection or time away from all the stressors or a few hours of doing something wonderful for yourself. You’re a teacher – you know to couch everything in a positive light. Take the kids out for ice cream. I’m sending a little love your way, Audrey.

    Is this a sheet of ice cracked by a pebble? Interesting photo, at least.


  5. Maybe you should skip over the punishment and have a talk with yourself. I doubt you really did anything deserving punishment so maybe time out will serve.

    Remind yourself not to slam the door then go have a treat while you are off sulking.

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