if it were permitted: a luxury of my own doing
I would escort you
into my womb
allow you to discern upon
where you so expertly travel
point to where you linger
taking ownership
of my most sacred bounds


34 thoughts on “My

  1. In all human relationships there are two primal energies. Everyone knows, and talks, about Love. But Power? Far fewer understand that or have more than a hazy notion of it. In nature OTOH everything is so much easier and more straightforward. Oh to be a flower?


  2. Whew!!!!!!!! (fanning self) That’s some poem of the birds and the bees… Umm… I mean the flower and the bee. Do I hear a buzzing sound??? Oh… Wait… maybe it’s just my aging ears.


  3. How do you manage to find so much imagery and then words for it, don’t you ever work?

    It is always nice to have a glimpse of the world through a poet’s eyes. Thank you ma’am.


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