A Life Obtainable 

A window into ever after,
Witnessing from afar, a life
Where forests grow,
Oceans lap endlessly
And desires are still
Encouraged, sought after
And dreamed.
A place where faith,
Comes first, as our
Initial breath, while
prairie grass bows
Towards wind, steadfast.
Homes are full of heat,
Not just from bread baking,
But from love honest
and complete. Endless
Work, and time to pause
Deemed important,
Yet over time, has been lost.


47 thoughts on “A Life Obtainable 

  1. Something lost, perhaps something gained as well. Your images you evoke are gorgeous – I like these longer poems of yours, they give you more time to consider.

    And that photograph – how did you get all the buildings to stand still so long? (me, being funny.) Seriously, it is remarkable.


  2. I liked this one, too. We seem to be living in a time of forgetting, and poems that tell a story and serve as a narrative memory have fallen out of favor with people who are living fractured lives on their phones. But we need our stories. I’ve been drawn to this subject matter, too. Growing up in the country, what the land meant, and a kind of life that’s gone away. But it’s worth remembering.


  3. sadly this is so true. I love the way this poem draws you into that calm domestic scene. I could smell the bread and sense the homemade floors and hear the childrens laughter….then snapped back into reality. 😦 Brava!! My friend Poetess! Brava!!


  4. You’re a Midwesterner at heart, aren’t you, Audrey? You really should submit this one — photo and all — to something like Midwest Living. It’s a beautiful representation of the salt-of-the-earth mindset our forefathers had … and we long for!


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