A Life Obtainable 

A window into ever after,
Witnessing from afar, a life
Where forests grow,
Oceans lap endlessly
And desires are still
Encouraged, sought after
And dreamed.
A place where faith,
Comes first, as our
Initial breath, while
prairie grass bows
Towards wind, steadfast.
Homes are full of heat,
Not just from bread baking,
But from love honest
and complete. Endless
Work, and time to pause
Deemed important,
Yet over time, has been lost.


47 thoughts on “A Life Obtainable 

    • Rob, this sort of landscape doesn’t intrigue many, you know. I’m relieved to discover you see the beauty in what was built out of hard work and love. I wrote this not long after my move home after living in Texas for nearly ten years. I found myself leaning into what I was raised to respect. A time in my life when melancholy came easily. Giggle

      Thank you for reading more of me. ♡

    • I read the Johnny Cash autobiography and what his childhood was like. Salt of the earth type of family. Up at dawn and worked till dusk. It was hard work but not shirked. BTW, I approved your request for my companion blog – The Vpub. It’s a bit more saucy than my main blog, so please tread carefully! ❤

    • I watched the movie..loved it. And yes, those families deserve a nod, for sure.

      Oh, good thank you for having me. I’ll do my best to read and not interrupt what business you have going. Your post today just had me so intrigued. Left to wonder what this man was trying to do. Lol I’ll read you tonight and not risk here at work. I appreciate the heads up. ♡

    • Not sure if you can see the red glow that is my blush as I watched your video tonight, Rob, but if you can…enjoy it. Ha! You’re brave and I like that. Very much. I’m not sure who was applying the pressure needed to get you to do that, but I hope you made them happy. Thanks for adding me, btw.

    • Sorry for the red glow, Audrey. 😉 I think that if there was any bravery, it came from showering with an electric cord over my head. Or just being dumb. It would have been a bizarre site for the EMTs to witness should I had been electrocuted.

    • You’re probably right. However, I wouldn’t want to deal with the questions that would follow from the PD or insurance company. 😀 Thank you for your compliment, although I hope I didn’t ruin anything regarding Minions. 😉

    • Yeah, I suppose those conversations would get a little dicey. On the bright side there’s a chance you wouldn’t have had to answer any questions. Your family on the other hand… 😂
      First time I saw a minions movie I looked at my son and whispered what language is this in? Just sure I’d had a stroke of some sort.. he said minion language. Scary part was when I started understanding them.. 🤔

  1. Something lost, perhaps something gained as well. Your images you evoke are gorgeous – I like these longer poems of yours, they give you more time to consider.

    And that photograph – how did you get all the buildings to stand still so long? (me, being funny.) Seriously, it is remarkable.

  2. I liked this one, too. We seem to be living in a time of forgetting, and poems that tell a story and serve as a narrative memory have fallen out of favor with people who are living fractured lives on their phones. But we need our stories. I’ve been drawn to this subject matter, too. Growing up in the country, what the land meant, and a kind of life that’s gone away. But it’s worth remembering.

  3. sadly this is so true. I love the way this poem draws you into that calm domestic scene. I could smell the bread and sense the homemade floors and hear the childrens laughter….then snapped back into reality. 😦 Brava!! My friend Poetess! Brava!!

  4. You’re a Midwesterner at heart, aren’t you, Audrey? You really should submit this one — photo and all — to something like Midwest Living. It’s a beautiful representation of the salt-of-the-earth mindset our forefathers had … and we long for!

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