Criticism – Senryu

One Crooked shoe lace
Next time remove the popcorn
Internal choking


27 thoughts on “Criticism – Senryu

  1. I have a pair of red Converse like these, Audrey, only they’re not anywhere near as clean, ha! Oh, and that crooked lace would drive my Virgo self nuts — just looking at it makes my fingers itch to right it!


    • They are relatively new. A Christmas gift my daughter didn’t want and I kept after agreeing to find the correct shoe next time we’re in town. Normally, the lace wouldn’t bother me but my self criticism is at an all time high lately. That to say the lace being crooked and being annoyed by it is perfectly okay. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for reading, Debbie xx

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  2. I was impressed with how clean your sneakers are. None of mine should be taken out in public. But… I wondered. Did you pick the color knowing the bleacher would also be red? Or was this a serendipity of color coordination?


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