Z – Zephyr

I own a purpose
Within this life
I feel deepest when
My sonant sings.
Winds have howled,
My thoughts often left
Rationalized. What
Will tomorrow bring…
West winds reappear,
Command again,
I’m humbly listening.
Refuse the darkness when
It offers. Watch time take
What belongs to my soul,
And place it faithfully
Upon my willing shoulders.
I’ll continue to carry
my essence,
And give flight to the
Zephyr inside of me.


Thank you to those who supported my poetic effort. The A to Z Poetry Challenge brought me back to my poetry. Humbled. ♡


19 thoughts on “Z – Zephyr

  1. If this challenge brought you back to poetry — and to you! — then it accomplished its aim. Good for you, seeing its possibilities and rising to the challenge!!


  2. Refuse the darkness, give flight to the gentle motion within you – Audrey, this is a perfect final poem for your A to Z. After what was a challenging year or two, I’m so glad you’re facing forward.

    And I love that independent red leaf. Related to the red-haired poet perhaps?


  3. This is truly Beautiful Audrey 🙂 I am so Delighted you are back and re-inspired. that is far better than anything else 😉

    {{{{HUGS}}}} to you my Dear Sister in Verse 🙂


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