A- Awareness 

The first few moments

Of Autumn breeze

Smell of campfires,

Coffee roast,

And cooling green.

Sharp edge of season’s cusp

Will heat the day,

Softly accede to dusk,

This: a velvet season;

Verdant weakening.

Cerulean, crisp from up above,

Pillowed clouds,

Hum of change, my love,


Quiets the negative.


My friend, Shari, encouraged me to write from A to Z.

As many of you know, her wisdom, writing and compassion has been a blessing in my life. I began sharing my poetry here in 2013 and she, along with many others, has encouraged even my weakest of heart.

I believe this challenge is just what I need to push myself. I will try. I haven’t set any sort of timeline for this, but my intentions are to keep revealing as routinely as possible.

I also think it’s important to recognize that I haven’t weighted this challenge with any sort of expectation or intended outcome. I’m no longer interested in disappointment or how it makes me react. This I offer to you as it is, just as I’ve always tried to offer myself. 

I write to feel. Allowing myself movement freely. A window into my soul. I’ve chosen to leave each poem as it was firstly written. Quite humbling to see where my mind sits to wait over time. 

Thank you for supporting my A to Z effort. 


51 thoughts on “A- Awareness 

  1. Audrey, I am so embarrassed – somehow this poem got buried in my inbox. I’m glad I found it.Thank you for the shout out, I didn’t expect to see my name here.

    This poem is tender and gentle – autumn sneaking up on us, truly the velvet season with its hum of change and no guarantee about what will come next. You’ve opened the window into your soul. This poem is a perfect beginning for your A to Z challenge.


  2. Its a wonderful writing exercise, One I may have to try myself sometime 🙂 I also think it’s interesting to write the poem and walk away, which is often scary when you want to smooth out lines and preen verses. Kudos to you my Friend. Enjoy the gift of words and lyrical verse to soothe your soul instead 🙂

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