A- Awareness 

The first few moments

Of Autumn breeze

Smell of campfires,

Coffee roast,

And cooling green.

Sharp edge of season’s cusp

Will heat the day,

Softly accede to dusk,

This: a velvet season;

Verdant weakening.

Cerulean, crisp from up above,

Pillowed clouds,

Hum of change, my love,


Quiets the negative.


My friend, Shari, encouraged me to write from A to Z.

As many of you know, her wisdom, writing and compassion has been a blessing in my life. I began sharing my poetry here in 2013 and she, along with many others, has encouraged even my weakest of heart.

I believe this challenge is just what I need to push myself. I will try. I haven’t set any sort of timeline for this, but my intentions are to keep revealing as routinely as possible.

I also think it’s important to recognize that I haven’t weighted this challenge with any sort of expectation or intended outcome. I’m no longer interested in disappointment or how it makes me react. This I offer to you as it is, just as I’ve always tried to offer myself. 

I write to feel. Allowing myself movement freely. A window into my soul. I’ve chosen to leave each poem as it was firstly written. Quite humbling to see where my mind sits to wait over time. 

Thank you for supporting my A to Z effort. 

A Moment Ago


“Well, I don’t think you should look at life like that, honestly.”
“How should I look at change then, Darling? Isn’t this view amazing? Think about how wonderful star gazing would be from this spot.”
“I’d rather discuss what you surprised me with a moment ago.”
“You seem rather proud of yourself, Handsome.”
“I’m proud of you, actually. ”
“I was thinking we should buy this place.”
“I agree. Earlier, when you had your hand in my pocket teasing me, I had visions of your naked body right here.”
“Ahh, and now here I am.”
“Yes, isn’t that the strangest coincidence, Love.”
“You always could get me to do anything, you know.”
“Let’s just remember who was naked first, shall we?”


Slow down dear heart
You have but one body
A single mind for consuming
What’s my rush
I can’t learn it all
Hearts beat rapidly
Bodies urge
A mind craving details
I want, I need, I believe
Striving towards excellence
Heart quickening
Hands shaking
Mind alive, perceiving
Are these three deceiving me
I may know nothing
Heart slows
Hands rest
Mind goes back to dreaming
Stopping myself
My own worst enemy

I Choose To Believe

Searching for new words
To describe you
I dream about how they look
Tis like trying them on your body
Yes, sometimes I go there
They’ll need to feel like you
Yes, I go there, too
I choose to believe
My words find my muse
Time and time again
Yet this moment
Zero conformity
None of them suit
Your ability
Your wisdom unending
Contagious thoughts
A Charmer of bees
Holding my attention
Well, it isn’t easy
I drift
I dream
I see
My mind and words
forever spinning
You calm me
Bring me peace
What will I do if you ever leave
Never breathe
Visions of your back to me
I can’t handle
I choose to believe
Your need
Similar to mine
Probably never
Bravery can handle life
If you must go
I’ve held my breath longer
I’m the Oldest Daughter
The Red Headed Sister
My names weren’t easily obtained
To the bottom of my heart is deep
Wide open
Still recieving
I choose to believe