Sucker For Love

I wear my heart

Heart on my sleeve

Sleeve: means out open

Open to new beginnings

Beginnings; where the past ends

Ends the rejection felt

Felt when he chose someone else


23 thoughts on “Sucker For Love

  1. The wonders of pain that hit the human heart over a lifetime of love, I think will always bring some sadness…but just think of the incredible feelings you felt when it was there in full force. I think this is why I love sad song, poems and stories ~ it is a sign of truly living 🙂


  2. Ooh, chain verse — I love it, Audrey! And so well done, too. I think the reason this kind of hurt is so painful is that we feel exposed. We’ve given our heart to one who basically stomped on it, challenging us to pick up the pieces, put them back together, and move forward. NOT an easy thing to do, but so very worthwhile. Hugs!!


  3. Those times are so difficult to get through. In fact, all difficult times of all sorts are so harsh that we can’t breath sometimes. But the ripping away from someone who has been intimate with another person is, in my opinion, the most painful. Love to you.


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