any word you forget

let me whisper it in your ear

if there is a touch you miss

allow me to be near

while you may not hear me

every moment of your restless day

know that I am alive in you

in the most eternal way


31 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. Umm…
    No, wait…
    Let me go read that one more time…
    No, wait…
    Let me go absorb that photo one more time…
    I’m ready to comment now…
    No, wait…
    Your words are lingering in my head and I can’t think of what I was going to say…
    Oh… there’s what I was going to say…
    I just heard you whisper it in my ear
    Which means you must be near
    Although I’ve never heard your voice
    It echoes inside of me
    Like a crimson sunset
    Or the amaranth of dawn
    Or the gentle wisps of red
    Against a freckled face…
    Or perhaps………………
    I’m just delusional…

    Beautiful words Audrey Dawn… Magnificent photo…
    Personally… I think one of your very best and most alluring…
    Hope your evening is as beautiful as your artistry…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Michael. I don’t know what to say in response to your beautifully placed words of encouragement. I’m in awe of you. Your ability to move such emotion through my heart. Poets are a gift. My gift, you, the sweetest one. Speechless, is how I am left. Muttering along a country road, sunshine begging, just a little of my time, a smile upon my face, one you’ve given me. Thank you ever so for being so giving of your heart and your attention. My poetry wouldn’t be the same without you.
      Seriously….humbled. Taken back by you comment. How can my day be anything but glorious. To lure you back for another visit will be my goal. Cherish you, my dear. Truly. Tears…


  2. This one WORKS on several different levels, Audrey. Could be a family member, a lover, or even God Himself, couldn’t it? Regardless, that’s the beauty of poetry, in that it speaks to the reader exactly where he/she is!!


  3. Your poetry has really come alive! You have been blessed with a gift, that I see you perfecting everyday…please don’t be mad, or laugh….
    This Day – by me

    This day I am thankful for…
    Your compassionate courage,
    Your fathomless chestnut eyes
    Your un divided love of family
    This day I am thankful for you…
    Because you don’t hold your breath
    Because of your infectious laugh that sweeps the moment
    Because you believe with your heart, unconditionally
    I love the way you…
    Drive yourself to conquer pursuits
    Are confident of your abilities, even when you don’t believe
    Author lines from deep within
    Today I hope that you will…
    Find the smile you are seeking
    Love life to no end
    Feel the love you so richly deserve
    I also hope that you will always…
    Who loves you… This Day.


  4. This is a lovely poem, something to say to a lover. Or to tell someone who has to go away, reminding them to return, because they are loved. For someone to say this to you because you are so loved – just, WOW!

    Beautiful photo!


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