Pink Velvet


When the rest have vanished
Visions seem bleak
Find comfort in velvet
Passionate in pink


21 thoughts on “Pink Velvet

  1. I need to take some photography lessons from you… This photo is magnificent and blends so perfectly with your words… Love your site… I’ve been doing some wandering this afternoon and enjoying my explorations… even lingered on your about page a while and if I may be so bold… I disagree with one statement on it… Audrey Dawn… you are not “normal”… you have never been “normal”… and the chances of you ever becoming “normal” are next to none… and I am truly grateful…
    Have a most beautiful evening…

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    • Dear Michael,

      You don’t want lessons from me. I have no idea what I’m doing. Oh, if I did… I want to know more. I’m trying. I’m so glad you enjoyed this poem.

      As far as the rest of your comment, my friend. You know me well enough to know I am blushing, hiding my eyes and shaking my head in disagreement. However, I have learned a little about accepting such compliments, so I will look you straight in the eyes and say, thank you. Thank you for thinking so, truly. Glad you like the new look. I wasn’t sure and I’m still working on it. Hoping to spruce things up a bit. Smiles. Let my garden grow a bit…

      Enjoy your evening, as well…


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