At Home In Houston


News from Houston, while you patiently wait, has arrived, my friends.

1. I am alive.

2. The flood waters, as of this morning, are not near my home. Other parts of Houston are terribly flooded.

3. We haven’t seen flood waters like this in 500 years. Hurricane season begins June 1st. God help us if these past few months are any indication of what is to come.

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My Brother’s View


Saying good-bye to this amazing view of my Big Brother’s backyard today. We’ve packed our bags and we’re Kansas bound for the weekend. The lake is calling our name and so is our Dad. I cannot wait to hug him close and spend some quality time in his boat.

I hope to catch at least one fish this evening. I’d love to write a poem about a fish, but I’d settle for a longing poem about the one that got away. Ha!

Big Brother and I have all we need in order to have some fun in the sun. His black Silverado and my white Charger will be rockin’ some country music favorites along the way. Any suggestions? Adventure awaits, my friends. I’m super excited to take a trip with my brother and the children. We can’t possibly mess this up. Have a blessed and relaxing weekend!!

Let’s Go


The beginning of this day,
Overwhelms me.
One more long drive,
Ahead of me.
The final payoff,
Unconditional love.
Up early to fill my lungs,
With cool Oklahoma air,
My mind wonders to you.
Your contagious laugh.
How the magical sound,
Must create a sparkle,
In a beauty’s eyes, without effort.
You make me smile as I reflect,
Easing me into my rewarding day.
You’re beside me as I drive,
Towards home,
All I’ve ever known.
Good morning,
I’m ready,
Let’s go.