Windshield wipers, delay
Screeching sounds
Watching rain pour
On a chalkboard
Rain, rain, go away
Life was sunshine
Shimmered on freckled skin
Accepted and forgiven
For a moment one day
Unforseen departure
Awaiting a return, engine vibration
Soothing a voice, whimpered
Preferring her that way

Grackle’s Song


When dried leaves depart,
In submission to the changing wind,
And nothing now makes sense,
Remember we’re all given a plan.
While quiet enough to hear,
And present enough to understand,
We’ll realize sadness, too, is a gift.
Even when the hearts of Grackles,
Sit and wait for a chance to create,
Songs out of screeches and cackles,
Their tune we refuse to consummate.
Yet, we allow it to comfort us within,
Remember, same tree, same devotion,
When leaning into darkness, once again.

I Hope This Never Ends

Galveston, TX

Galveston, TX

I wondered the quiet beach and imagined you today

Seemingly embodied in each crystal clear blue wave

I searched for your words as you twisted us closer

Roughly escorting me deeper into that vast ocean

Pull me under and into your strong current, I plea

Might as well, around you I can’t seem to breathe

Feel us spin effortlessly in the morning water, too

Again I stumble, beating my head against the sand

Maybe I’ll learn and these feelings can finally end

Again, what my mind does for you…