A Way About Her


She has a way about her,
That’s what they’ve always said.
Blushes from the inside out,
Does it to herself, often, she dreads.
Others noticing, believing she naive,
What they’ve failed to catch,
All along, is her authenticity.
Along with the hints, and whisperings,
Just now being perceived.
Tips full of sunshine,
With a body full of hopes and dreams.


20 thoughts on “A Way About Her

  1. What a beautiful flower and photo, and definitely she has a way about her ~ “Blushes from the inside out, … with a body full of hopes and dreams.” reminds me of someone πŸ˜‰


    • Thank you, but you embarrass me by mentioning the photo. I’m not worthy. You, Sir, are the photographer in this friendship. Look here, Flirty McFlirt…I do adore when you find me in my poetry. You have a talented eye. And I adore your great memory. *blushes yet again* Imagine the red in my cheekbones. See? I am a pool of mush when you come around. I’m such a weakling. Hope you’re proud of yourself, Mr. Collis. Giggle.


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