Remind Me


Cobalt fades to cerulean
Equidistant appears too far
Lapping water and a beacon
Remind me of where you are


38 thoughts on “Remind Me

  1. A wonderful shot Audrey ~ and it seems to pull out my favorite line of your poem “Equidistant appears too far”. A great, if not a longing feeling (which you seem pretty good at describing!). Cheers to a great week.


  2. I like to learn something every day. Today it was the meaning of “cerulean” Thanks. But my favorite part is: “Equidistant appears too far” – that made my head spin a little bit. You packed a lot into this small poem- good job Audrey!


    • I’m happy to help you learn something every day, Dan. I too try to push myself to learn something new. For me, this time, it was equidistant. I just thought middle or mid way seemed a bit boring. However, I always run the risk of turing people off with random vocabulary. I found a lot of romance in the word, which is why I chose to use it. Thanks for your comment, my friend. I love the feedback. β™‘

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