No One Innocent


With the intent to please them,
her heart focused,
and upon paper.
They sit and wait,
none of them watching,
ill equipped to follow,
even today.
She refuses to point the blame,
content in her own self reflection,
no one innocent.


32 thoughts on “No One Innocent

  1. This is a deep poem, and from the flow I am following I see the rather harsh discovery that life (and bigs cities) introduce to us at some point (and then many points) in life ~ no one is innocent ~ and we must accept and continue to move forward regardless. Hopefully with smiles on our faces ~ Cheers!


    • Yeah, this is one of those poems best suited for my eyes only and placing it here only causes confusion for everyone who reads. Your take away is spot on, once again, proving you do understand my heart as it ebbs and flows. Thanks for being around today, Dalo. You’re pretty amazing. Enjoy your day ahead. Just so you know today is pajama day at school. I hope you remembered! I’m headed to bed soon, so I can get to pj day as quickly as possible. πŸ˜‰ What teachers are asked to do…


  2. Well, Audrey, your poem is amazing! (Of course.) πŸ™‚ I had to read it several times though, just because it stands out from the last few you’ve written. It’s striking. (And that photo goes with it uncannily well.)


  3. Okay, what are we all guilty of, Audrey?? Sounds very much like the poet has poured out her heart and waits for judgment, but the readers aren’t capable of following where she leads, more’s the pity. Still, how kind of the poet not to condemn!!


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