Pale blue tableau
Quite peaceful, mellow
Watching her follow him
Incredibly perfect


32 thoughts on “Tableau

    • I see more and more of this sport here in Galveston. And yes, there’s a race, I’m sure. Not long after I took this picture he fell off. It has to be distracting to have a beautiful woman following you and in hot pursuit, it seems. She fell after he did…surely from laughter. They were having a great time. Such a lovely day for them, I bet. I wrote their entire life story while watching them. I do that…It’s what I get for being a hopeless romantic. Hope you had a great day, my dear Dalo. β™‘


    • Nothing like catching a bit of happiness from another’s life πŸ™‚ This story right there would make up a great post ~ a little hopeless romantic in us all I think.


  1. Are they “riding” something self-propelled, Audrey?? I can’t see a boat tugging them, but I’ve never seen anything like this! ‘Tis a wonder, I think. And I just LOVE those shades of blue!


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