Multiple Windows
Complete with different views
Which, of yours, is mine
Bluest skies offer beauty
Clouds are pillows, sweet talk me

(Poetry form: Tanka)


22 thoughts on “Trust

  1. The perfect way to see life “Multiple Windows, Complete with different views” ~ every day is something different, especially when it is shared by two.

    • You wrote me a poem!!!! Aww! Look right there… *points up* ! See I knew it. I just wrote that last comment about you being so beautifully poetic and boom. You wrote a poem right here. Oh my gosh… do you see what you’re capable of, Randall. What a moment we’ve shared. Thank you.

    • Thank you. That’s the job of the tanka, to have the underlying message, that is. Tis a missive between lovers, if I’m understanding it correctly. Fun to write. You should take it and use it on the one you love. Seems a pity for it to go to waste. Enjoy your day and thanks for reading. Welcome, I’m Audrey.

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