the allure of peach hues
leaves of seasons past, remain in view
sleek limbs rooted somewhere deep
symbolic of what I need, yet
find within myself, confusing, I know
simple answer, he must be wiser
i’m left terrified for him
and okay inside my mind alone


27 thoughts on “Alone

  1. This one leaves me feeling the complexities of life ~ and no matter how exhausting it may be trying to keep up, finding that place of refuge, to plant yourself is invaluable. Without roots, a drifting mind will never find the answer it seeks. I like how this poem got me thinking πŸ™‚


    • Here’s a good time to thank you again for being here. I feel heard when you’re around. Yep. Exactly, Mr. Collis. I love how you, once again, make sense of these feelings I have and place inside a poem, because I do not know how to articulate my thoughts in the moment, but you do. There’s the difference between you and I. We compliment each other so well. Pretty cool…


    • I adore this angle, Debbie. Quite soothing for me. I’ve walked past it many times and my eyes lend their way to this spot every time. So strange. I decided after so many moments I’d need to take a picture. Roots, indeed. Just waiting for the wings. Thanks for reading, my friend. Hope your weekend is going well.


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