She Reaches For You


Virgin white posies, shine,
Sigh in the afternoon sun,
Opening to all that is beautiful.
Pearly, upon your eyes,
Fragrance turns to perfume,
As she reaches for you.


48 thoughts on “She Reaches For You

  1. Great photo and the poetry to match…it had me thinking it was just a poem with nothing really grabbing me, then that beautiful last line. The famous final scene…


    • Thank you so much for asking about my well-being and for having me on your mind. You always find a path to brightening my day. As far as how I’m doing… we’ll just say that part of my life has been exceptionally rough lately, making it most difficult to concentrate on writing or even reading with any concept of understanding… but there is another part of my life that is of course… most beautiful… and it is that part in which I have chosen to linger, in every possible moment. And of course… there are those compassionate and caring individuals that express their kindness on a regular basis, and close the gap of distance between us through their wonderfully enlightening interactions… and I thank you most sincerely.
      Hope your evening is most beautiful.


  2. Ah, the dogwoods are blooming! See, I’m not totally ignorant, ha! Ours are way behind, but the promise is there. Love how you’ve phrased this one, Audrey!


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