You, My Spring


Majestic verdant rising,
Tell me, my muse
Do you also witness strength
Within these…
My eyes confused, maybe.
All I see is you, always
Your ability to thrive
Empower and personify
Within my life
Now, you’ve become my spring.


43 thoughts on “You, My Spring

  1. A perfect take on Spring Auddie, the words and photo are speaking the same language. It is the season to thrive…to throw all caution to the wind and chase a dream or two. I was thinking why do I like spring so much (while realizing that is may be my least favorite season because I am usually pretty busy), and this poem is the reason. Find a muse and run with it πŸ™‚


  2. Audrey, this one is stunning! Spring is such a HOPEFUL season, with the promise of sunshiny days and warmth. I love how you’ve captured the green clovers for us (almost feels as though I was walking beside you and seeing what you saw as you looked down).


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