Ms. Sylvan

her aura may be sylvan
and undeniable in origin,
reaching you effortlessly
as you linger.
silken offerings
conceive your desire to touch
with fingertips,
each flowing sequence
leading you into the next
until you understand her
this her eternal wish.

You, My Spring


Majestic verdant rising,
Tell me, my muse
Do you also witness strength
Within these…
My eyes confused, maybe.
All I see is you, always
Your ability to thrive
Empower and personify
Within my life
Now, you’ve become my spring.

Autumn Springs – Verse Four


Autumn Springs from Summer’s Flame,
Eternal Passage of Season’s Change,
Dance of Passion’s Lingering Game,
Viridian for Copper, Elemental Exchange.

Primordial instincts embrace epic hues,
Fantasy’s Utopia, view Wisps becoming Brides,
Delphian Fairwell Fairies mimic and muse,
Rousing Shadows and Lovers, crimsons collide.

Pageant of Nighttide, Shimmering Bright,
Secrets Whispered in Primeval Tones,
Gathering Luminous, Spectral Light,
Ethereal Queen Born from muttering crone.

Dauntless Coppice, pursuing nature’s virgin Sprite,
Baptized, Nocturnal King of Twilight’s Beasts,
Queen Dowager awaits Autumn’s marital rites,
Mystic humming, via Motley winds due East.

Trying to repost this as Morgan said she hasn’t seen this come through the reader today… Boo! 😦

This is the fourth verse in a week long Autumn, Halloween, seasonal change, Mystical, light and dark collaboration with Morgan, from . Morgan has written verses one and three, as we continue our week long collaboration.

I am thrilled to be writing along side Morgan, as her inspirations capture me daily. One day I find her writing of a fantasy world I can’t even begin to dream of, but would love to visit, and then in the next breath she’s left me a longing mess. I adore her poetry and her heart.

Our verses are off the cuff and inspired by each other, isn’t that lovely?! The image above chosen by Morgan, and I think it is perfect. Please continue to join us this week, as we thrive on working with one another to bring you Autumn Springs.

*Original Artwork by: Lilla Marton*