From my toes
Up and past my hips
Through my core
Across my chest.
Among my lips
With a hint
Inside my mouth
Then slowly over
My red hair
You cover me
I promise.
I’m completely
In thoughts of you.
Proven by,
This tremble
On my fingertips
As water


56 thoughts on “Submersed

  1. There is nothing quite like the feel, the look and the wonder of water ~ and you capture it perfectly in your words. Sounds just like giving in to the mass of water you see in front of you (great photo…). Makes me want to take a dip in the ocean right now…but it is just a bit too cold outside. Maybe a bathtub would do…but don’t have one of those so it will just have to be a simple shower πŸ™‚


    • Well, okay, yes I was hoping my description would make one feel as though they’re sliding into water. There is no better feeling, I agree. I think maybe I’d like to push you into that cold water right about now…At least you fight fair, Dalo. Your teasing me with your simple shower does not enter my brain as a simple task at all, but one that should be very complex and time consuming. Wink…


  2. The water droplets from the fountain have massed together to much more than spraying you πŸ™‚ As another commenter mentioned, I found this poem to be sensual… all that water covering you, even being ingested a little.


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