Can’t you,

I ask, however,
Begging, it seems.
Capture, my essence,
And tell them,
For me.
Express my need,
Rooted inside,
Verdant grounding.

You must show,
How going without,
Robs me,
Of who I am.
My Muse,
Only you know.
This trail of wildflowers,
Varied, yet pristine,
And full of desire,

I’m left here,


35 thoughts on “Lead…

  1. Always be wary of a muse leading you into a forest ~ but I think you’re on the right track as that is where most of them reside I imagine. Beautiful and thoughtful/wistful words with this piece, letting the emotions flow so well…not muted at all ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, but tis how I prefer it and I’m even more convienced now, thanks to your favorite quote.~ And you reside often times in a forest, you know. Sometimes you surprise me and I don’t know why because you have always been a mystery. Thank you, my dear. I’m glad you liked this poem. I’m happy it found you.

      Thanks for your visit, as well. I left work with a smile on my face knowing I’d have a chat with you today. โ™ก

  2. Those Muses can seem so fickle, but I’ve learned that it helps to hunt them down — sometimes they’re hiding. Maybe behind a tree in this photo. A poetic call out in the woods here, and I really liked that there wasn’t a trail in the photo. But wildflowers growing in rocky terrain. Beautiful and persistent and hardy.

    • Hiding where? Oh…behind a tree. Got it. However, I frequently sit by trees so I thought maybe I’d see him. Giggle. Yes, the idea of those flowers undiscovered is entirely too poetic. All sorts of emotions found there. Lovely. I love how your mind works, Gus. xx Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

  3. Once again, Audrey, you’ve captured a world of emotion with this one! Lovely, and so’s the photo. ‘Tis been ages since I’ve seen spring flowers, I think!

    • Thank you. Ever want to just say, “Tell them….please. I just can’t. ” I do. Sometimes…more like most of the time, I love having someone speak on my behalf. You need to visit Texas in March. Wildflowers grow in blankets here. The flowers in the photo are from my visit to Colorado last summer.

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