Can’t you,

I ask, however,
Begging, it seems.
Capture, my essence,
And tell them,
For me.
Express my need,
Rooted inside,
Verdant grounding.

You must show,
How going without,
Robs me,
Of who I am.
My Muse,
Only you know.
This trail of wildflowers,
Varied, yet pristine,
And full of desire,

I’m left here,


35 thoughts on “Lead…

  1. Always be wary of a muse leading you into a forest ~ but I think you’re on the right track as that is where most of them reside I imagine. Beautiful and thoughtful/wistful words with this piece, letting the emotions flow so well…not muted at all ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Yes, but tis how I prefer it and I’m even more convienced now, thanks to your favorite quote.~ And you reside often times in a forest, you know. Sometimes you surprise me and I don’t know why because you have always been a mystery. Thank you, my dear. I’m glad you liked this poem. I’m happy it found you.

      Thanks for your visit, as well. I left work with a smile on my face knowing I’d have a chat with you today. โ™ก


  2. Those Muses can seem so fickle, but I’ve learned that it helps to hunt them down — sometimes they’re hiding. Maybe behind a tree in this photo. A poetic call out in the woods here, and I really liked that there wasn’t a trail in the photo. But wildflowers growing in rocky terrain. Beautiful and persistent and hardy.


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