~Incapable of expressing
How he leaves her,
Effortlessly fulfilled
She drifts off to dream
Feeling like the only woman,
Left in the world~


45 thoughts on “Fulfilled

  1. The power of a good day is settling down and feeling the greatness of life ~ and then wanting more. It is such a perfect way to see the world and getting what is wished for. Great feeling of this poem and with my favorite line ~ she drifts off to dream πŸ™‚


  2. Stunning, Audrey! But what in the world is this beauty? Obviously, we don’t have anything like it here (and it wouldn’t be in bloom anyway, with the snows and all, ha!)


    • Thank you, Debbie. Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think it is a variation of a Dogwood. This is an older photo, one I took last summer, so know we don’t have anything this pretty blooming right now either. I think the flower is gorgeous and just the right shade of blushing. Smiles. Enjoy the game, if you’re a watcher of sorts.


    • We have a dogwood, and the leaves resemble this, but I don’t believe the flowers bunch up like this. Does that make sense?? Anyway, it’s lovely, and I can see where its blush would be “feminine.” Game? You mean the Super Bowl? Well, yes, I plan to watch, if for no other reason than the halftime show and all those ridiculously expensive commercials, ha! Enjoy the rest of your weekend — and the lack of shoveling snow!


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