Inamorato’s Moon


Moonlight path sparkles,
Guiding my hazel eyes,
Evening winter walks,
By the sea’s side.
Waiting here,
Salty air,
Rhythmic waves,
Inamorato’s lullaby.
Moon tries,
But, he’s gone again,
Weary is the traveler,
Who stole my heart.


20 thoughts on “Inamorato’s Moon

  1. Beautiful ~ and cheated again to look up Inamoratos Moon on the internet, only to get looped right back to this poem (another type of loop poetry perhaps). Stunning imagery in your words ~ and weary is the traveller who stole my heart is perfect. A ‘sadly positive’ piece of work ~


    • This poem was written while wondering about the whereabouts of a mysterious man. Inamorato means lover, so a lover’s moon, I suppose is another title I could have used. I totally LOVE that you wondered about Inamorato’s Moon. He’s the man I gave this title to and he often visits my dreams. Perhaps you’ve found a new way to loop yourself right back to me, Dalo. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes you make it soooo easy to flirt with you. In the end, yes, this was a sad poem, but you know how much I adore a longing poem, so all is well. Thank you…


    • There is a great energy created with flirting, always creative…and I did not know that about Inamorato, and a perfect longing poem making this a perfect title. I know also understand loop poetry on a different level as well πŸ™‚ You’re teaching me all sorts of stuff today!


  2. Aw, golly, this is just too beautiful — even with the sadness! I can’t get enough of looking at the moon. We’ve had a string of gloomy days, though, and I haven’t seen it in ages. Thanks for reminding me! By the way, my eyes are hazel, too!


    • Thanks, Debbie. I talked to my brother today in Nebraska and it was 62Β°..67Β° here. I think those are some pretty amazing temps for January. Hope you had a bit warmer weather. The moon is fantastic, and I rarely write about it. Not sure why. Glad you enjoyed this one. Hazel eyes….look at us! *prances around*


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