Brrr! Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Azure captures dawn
Respite’s freezing finale
I really must go
Find me under the blankets
Whisper the holiday back


Tanka form:
Syllable pattern of 5-7-5-7-7

“…One of the oldest Japanese forms, tanka originated in the seventh century, and quickly became the preferred verse form not only in the Japanese Imperial Court, where nobles competed in tanka contests, but for women and men engaged in courtship. Tanka’s economy and suitability for emotional expression made it ideal for intimate communication; lovers would often, after an evening spent together (often clandestinely), dash off a tanka to give to the other the next morning as a gift of gratitude.”

A well suited poetry form for poets who write of love, I think. I personally find the Tanka form adorable. What a childlike awe I’ve found writing this way and I’ve welcomed it.

Love is sweet, I’d say. Simple, in its invaluable importance.

Off to enjoy my final day of the holiday break. Teachers in southern Texas shall all inhale together and hold that breath until Spring Break.

It is freezing outside today. I am thrilled. Allows me to feel closer to my childhood in the Midwest.

Actually, more than that, cold weather reminds me of how much I adore the romanticism it brings along. Brrr…

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


75 thoughts on “Brrr! Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    • Thank you, Luke! The cold is a nice change, you know. Makes me feel like I’m like everyone else in the world. Ahh, yes, tis over. *cries big tears* However, I am excited to get back to work.
      The tanka…you should try one! I love them. (I mean not love love, but love, ya know? I still think about your post every time I want to write the word love now…you’ve ruined me. But I needed reminding…) Yes, like a haiku… *laughs so much* You’re amazing, Luke. Best sense of humor…I like talkative. Awesome.


    • πŸ˜€ Back to work… 😦 πŸ™‚
      I shall try it! Hah… πŸ˜€ You still think of it? Aaagh… we really ought to have more than one word for love though. But we manage to still make sense most of the time. Sorry to have caused such ruin…
      XD You are too kind, Aud. Thanks for teaching me something new.


  1. “Find me under the blankets.” Yep, me, too, Audrey. It’s 12 degrees outside and feels like 1; not fit for man nor beast, as they say. What part of the Midwest did you grow up in? I’m in Illinois and it’s nice to meet another Midwesterner! Lovely tanka — you can tell I’m not a “real” poet ‘cos I know zilch about forms, etc.!


    • It began as a cool upper 30s here, which rarely happens, Debbie. I love it. I had to get out and enjoy the frisky weather. I’m a born and raised Nebraskan…college in Kansas. I know Illinois, as I have a Grandmother in northern Wisconsin, so we’ve traveled the state. I admit to adding the link for you, Debbie. I try to help my new followers a bit. Smiles. Enjoy your day!


    • Aw, gee, thanks for thinking of me! I love learning new things, and I’m always pleasantly surprised by how much others know about stuff that I don’t. It’s snowing — again — here, and this time, we might actually pile up a couple of inches. Want some???!


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