A Walk Worth Taking

The only task I do not dread
A walk it seems
Provides a clearing, for my head
Whispers of lessons deemed important 


Copper tones of yesterday
Found living within my world
Glistening in enormity
My reaction, forlorn


Living nearby among protection
A self induced fantasy
Seemingly overtakes
Crimson delicacies, established


What separates them
Measured, as very little to the eye
Created for a similar purpose
A wild fortress continues to divide


At first glance, I let them be
Begin again, walk decisively
Nothing happens without an opening
Allow fate to draw the cause


 Turning back
Fuck that, now she’s where she belongs


47 thoughts on “A Walk Worth Taking

  1. Er, the last line’s a bit incongruous with the rest but that’s how you wanted it. =)
    I appreciate the “Copper tones of yesterday” and the rhymes. This piece sings inspiration.

    Happy new yr, Audrey.



  2. Great/shocking and perfect ending 🙂 You wind us around the branches and leaves of your words and photos, walking along side you as you whisper your words…and then you end it with a perfectly placed F-bomb, and then its off to enjoy the day!


  3. A walk among nature is wonderfully clearing for the brain 🙂 And that’s a powerful last line in your poem. Nice to look back and see where you’ve come — but so good to belong in the now. Happy New Year, Aud!


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