My Suppression


Every word behind my chest,
Desires freedom,
Alas, once again,
I’ve censored who I am,
And forced reality to stop,
Leaving the ache placed,
Upon my breasts,
An endless continuation.
Suppression hurts,
Ceasing the pain,
Yet, I refuse,
Leaving myself,

Sometimes my poetry is too revealing, so I fade before you, entirely too bashful to continue. Instead, I leave you this poem. I apologize.


58 thoughts on “My Suppression

  1. You see what’s happening, don’t you, Audrey? When you don’t post for a while, I seek past entries and am glad to find some I’ve missed (though sorry I somehow missed them the first time.) This is a mournful poem, about loss, pain, and denial. I hope you are not in this place again.
    Remember, the path goes two ways, and one of them is forward to new opportunities. Wishing you only the very best, dear friend.


    • I see a woman supporting another by holding her hand and encouraging her to write her heart, as people are listening. Thank you for reading my words and for checking on me when I’m gone too long. Yes, this is a poem about wanting more than anything to be transparent. To allow the woman inside out. Paying no mind to who’s watching…I’ve cleared my path and hopeful for new blessings. Indeed. Thank you for caring, Shari. β™‘


  2. Another pieces that reveals just a bit more of Audrey Dawn ~ another mysterious post, as with branches in the photos, leaves us wondering what is behind… Suppression can be good thing, as one day the day will arrive to set it free, and that is always a nice feeling, isn’t it? Cheers πŸ™‚


  3. Ach, there ya go agin… dinna apologize, Audrey. ‘Tis a beautiful poem. I know that feeling, but have never heard it described so eloquently.
    Blessings for the new year! May it be an exceedingly splendoriffic one for you.


  4. My thoughts exactly! ‘Tis hard to put oneself out there when one feels so very vulnerable, but if one is going to write, laying it all out on the table is better than suppressing. And one never knows how many others might feel the same way (but aren’t brave enough to express it — and need to!!)


  5. There’s really no need to apologize to us. You choose what words and emotions you share with us. The heart is a complicated and vulnerable thing, and you should share what you feel comfortable in sharing. As readers, we should respect that.


  6. well said – beautiful!

    Welcome New Year…
    We look forward to you
    A year of wonderful happiness
    A year of good health
    A year of great success
    A year of incredibly good luck
    A year of continuous fun
    A year of world peace
    Happy New Year 2015


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