Audacious Bliss


Life growing
Through her
Slightest twists
Fleshing out
Claiming possession
Surrounding each curve
Of that which is her
She: adorned with brio
By his verdurous abstraction
Audacious bliss


69 thoughts on “Audacious Bliss

  1. Now, Aud, there are some words here I don’t even know. Whew! Where do you come up with them? Audacious? Hmmm …. I’ll have to look that one up. LOVED this poem even if I didn’t know all the words. LOL Love, Amy


  2. Gorgeous plant, Audrey — what is it? Don’t think I’ve ever seen one (must be native to your part of the country). Hope your Christmas was lovely — I’m still slacking, ha!


    • Hi, Debbie. Thank you. This plant is a Callistemon Citrinus, but often referred to as ‘Little John’….a bottle brush blossom. I think they’re beautiful. I love red color, so deep and romantic. We see them a lot in southern Texas. My Christmas was lovely, thank you. Hoping the same for you. Slack away… πŸ™‚ We’re allowed, you know. Enjoy your day!


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