Even the strongest of men
Will crumble
Choosing flight
Over fight
Who could ever blame them?


30 thoughts on “Flight

    • To fly: to soar, to aim for the heavens, perhaps to escape. When one looks so divine in action, need we ask the motive?

      Down here on earth: If we are very very lucky, we will have grandkids here to spend the night and we will toast the changing of the calendar with hot chocolate. Best to you, Miss Redhead. BTW, did I ever tell you that a beautiful redhead is the star of my book, The Inlaid Table? Do you act?


    • Smiles. No. Thank you for that, my wise friend.

      I truly hope your night is one for the memory bank, Shari. Enjoy those kiddos and I’m happy to know that you’re in charge of the calendar turning this year. Yay! Thank you. ..my path is determined, indeed. NO?!?! Seriously? I love reading this, Shari. Yes! So awesome…I hope she’s fantastic. I need to check this out, Ma’am. Yep, I do, actually. πŸ™‚


  1. I agree with Debbie’s comment, that it depends on the circumstances. But if you’re talking about flying like a bird, I’d take that any day. Because that looks like a ton of fun. πŸ™‚


  2. Perhaps it depends on the circumstances, Audrey? I know most times, my Celtic Warrior Princess comes rushing to the forefront, and I’d fight a bear if I had to (usually, that’s over some perceived injustice, or someone I love being mistreated). Other (more rare) occasions, I shrug and walk away. But I think I’d rather fight, to tell the truth, ha!


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