Out There


out there you’ll know
won’t you?
how to navigate
through the waves
of me.
a tempest brews
and you soothe
it seems.
but what will I do
to help you?


40 thoughts on “Out There

  1. Always a little something electric when it comes to stormy weather and venturing out ~ you have put those feeling into words for me with this poem. And also a beautiful photo to match. ‘how to navigate through the waves of me’ would be a great title for your first poetry book πŸ™‚


  2. Beautiful concept… beautiful poetry… however… While I was at sea, I found it difficult to navigate anything except the ship… always wondering if those who cared when I left, still would care upon my return from that beautiful blue ocean… That’s a beautiful picture also… by the way…
    Hope you’re having a most delightful day…


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