the rumble returns
I hear him behind dark clouds
smell of Spring, joy of new
the impatient hail, patient sun
felt between lightening strikes,
twisting, changing, my view
as the wind calls out,
remember me.
I’d offer my heart, each beat,
for a moment of truth,
where feeling the security
of love
at its rawest, keeps me
invested, sure and confidant.
don’t tell me, show me
and I’ll wear love
on my skin, in my hair and
within my eyes once again.

March Delivers

Shivers promoting
Springtime with an opinion
Nature amazes

Came home for lunch today and I’m freezing cold. It’s raining again.

 I looked out my kitchen window and was inspired by the shadow my enormous tree had created on the concrete. Not sure my words reflect the object by any means, but I felt compelled to share. 

Either way, I believe this picture will inspire another poem soon enough because I’m drawn to it. Maybe you are, too.

It’s a gloomy day, yet I’m perky, which doesn’t always pair with the rain. Maybe it’s time to dance…

Back to work.. ♡