Come Away With Me…


Life works well out there,
Beyond the questions,
Past the fears,
Closer to our beliefs,
The real you near.
Free to be me,
Content with we,
Completing one another,
Let’s go sailing.
Fun’s companions,
I hear your laugh.
Kindreds in spirit,
Knowing when you’re mad.
Lovers in soul,
Your body speaks to mine.
Comrades of duty,
This devotion, sublime.
Finally content with forever,
Today’s troubles,
Will be left by the shore.
Pick one, Captain,
I’ll grab the key,
Forget it all,
And come away with me.

My Captain


Wake up, Captain,
Time to see what this,
Ol’ vessel will do.
Take me away,
The sea is calling,
Insisting on a quest.
Pleading, may I go with you?
Our boat’s broken,
I don’t mind.
We’ll fix her quirks,
She’ll shine bright,
Reflecting diamonds in my eyes.
Toss the map overboard,
A destination shows weakness,
We’ll go where the wind pleases.
Somewhere beyond,
These familiar shores,
Time relinquishes its hold.
Allowing us to release control.
Enjoy a voyager’s life,
Void of pressures or fears.
I’ve waited for you long enough,
Captain O’Captain,
Call me your First Mate,
Or if I’m in luck, your Lady.
I’ve proven I’m ready,
I believe in a better life,
This is destiny waiting.
Now fire this Beauty up!
Listen to her cough,
Smoke doesn’t bother me,
No, not at all.
This anxious smile,
All because of you.
Wave good-bye,
Tell them we’ve had fun.
Our adventurous dreams,
Have us fleeing,
Like lovers on the run.
Finding peace,
Beyond what is normal,
Past what makes sense,
Into a life of craziness.
This is our boat,
Her name:
Out Of Control
Or your favorite:
Will This Thing Sink
I giggle and reply,
For you I’d do anything.

Sink Or Swim


Obstacles hinder
Destinations via water
Adrenaline rush

The fear of the unknown holds us all back. Why do we allow it to control our decisions and our goals? We nourish fear with our strength, day in and day out, choosing to help it grow to become more powerful. We sit quietly as it beats us down. Fear doesn’t exist. This we all know. Kick it in the balls. Get on with the show. Go for the gold. Let’s stop worrying that we’ll fail. Live life now and beg for forgiveness later. Fear can hunt someone else down now. We’re alive, so prove it.

Prompting Fear, because it thinks I won’t. This lady is brave. Thanks, DC.