If Only

if I came to you
vulnerable and open
would you reach for me,
one arm securing
all that I am,
while using the other
to point out across
my insecurities.
anchoring our eyes
as one,
and say
enough, these end.
then, holding tighter,
you would smell my hair.


Come Away With Me…


Life works well out there,
Beyond the questions,
Past the fears,
Closer to our beliefs,
The real you near.
Free to be me,
Content with we,
Completing one another,
Let’s go sailing.
Fun’s companions,
I hear your laugh.
Kindreds in spirit,
Knowing when you’re mad.
Lovers in soul,
Your body speaks to mine.
Comrades of duty,
This devotion, sublime.
Finally content with forever,
Today’s troubles,
Will be left by the shore.
Pick one, Captain,
I’ll grab the key,
Forget it all,
And come away with me.