Your effort to espy,
Offered in devotion.
As if creating her,
To be yours,
You choose each breath,
Describing her worth,
Expressing the beauty,
She fails to presume,
However, you prove,
With inevitable care.
She’ll feel you,
Prepare in coy,
Wearing soft lilac,
Her hint of blush,
Amplified for you, always.


19 thoughts on “Undeserving

    • Thank you, Chum. I really enjoy that word.

      Glad you think so, I was afraid it was too much pressure. Confidence can handle an image like this one. You, proving it.

      I wrote…at least three poems about fireworks to this photo! Ha. Me, too. I just never felt the words were meant for the flower…I may have been wrong. However, I’m pleased with this mornings poem. Felt right.

      Hope you survived your turkey coma. πŸ™‚


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