Freely Submitting

Educated on his surroundings,
Masculinity unfolds daily,
Nothing comprehensible,
Not even in dreams.
Why find comfort in her?
Yet, she welcomes him, completely.


Grasping at the simplicity,
Of a dreamer’s thoughts.
Lacking expectations,
Freely giving of his heart.
Needing more than anything,
To feel the curve of her body.


She welcomes his presence,
Intensity of his desire,
To stay with her, if only for a while.
A sanctuary of his making,
Her devoted heart beating,
To the enormity of his craving.


Pain found upon his face,
She wrapped in his embrace,
A calming force surrounds.
Neither leave or waver,
Unaware of time or space,
For him she waits.


Knowing moments together pass,
Worldly duties, a requirement of fate,
Submitting, aware she’s all he has.
Fleeting bits of peace eagerly evade,
Tears washing sorrowful passions,
As returning again, always questioned.


33 thoughts on “Freely Submitting

  1. Evocative poem, beautiful statue.
    My life has been nuts the last few weeks and I’ve had little time to write or read. Just read a bunch of your poems all at once – you are really growing as a poet and it is a great pleasure to read your work.
    Where is this statue, BTW?


  2. Truly love this poem…every stanza hold such great words/thoughts ~ through all the emotions, desires and embraces it is this great line of “Grasping at the simplicity, Of a dreamer’s thoughts.” that brings it all home. Beautifully written…the thoughts and dreams in your head must be pretty amazing! Enjoy your weekend!


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