Don’t bother comparing us,
Simply won’t do,
We share similar parts,
But totally different hues.
Sensing your internal struggle,
Trying to decide between two,
Confessing to you now,
She’s finding her way back to you.
Knowing your confidence all too well,
I’ll offer, what I know to be true,
I prefer to continue alone,
If she still owns any part of you.

Freely Submitting

Educated on his surroundings,
Masculinity unfolds daily,
Nothing comprehensible,
Not even in dreams.
Why find comfort in her?
Yet, she welcomes him, completely.


Grasping at the simplicity,
Of a dreamer’s thoughts.
Lacking expectations,
Freely giving of his heart.
Needing more than anything,
To feel the curve of her body.


She welcomes his presence,
Intensity of his desire,
To stay with her, if only for a while.
A sanctuary of his making,
Her devoted heart beating,
To the enormity of his craving.


Pain found upon his face,
She wrapped in his embrace,
A calming force surrounds.
Neither leave or waver,
Unaware of time or space,
For him she waits.


Knowing moments together pass,
Worldly duties, a requirement of fate,
Submitting, aware she’s all he has.
Fleeting bits of peace eagerly evade,
Tears washing sorrowful passions,
As returning again, always questioned.



mesmerized by the continuation,
the sound of hasty waves hypnotic.
wearing my favorite blue jeans,
needy hands stuffed into pockets,
I stand at the epilogue,
frizzy auburn ringlets,
beat at my face,
don’t you feel?
water’s cusp lapping at my toes,
trying to sooth my desires,
unsettled by what never was.
yet, I selfishly beg for you daily.


I can’t compete with time
I can’t compete with journeys
I can’t compete with photographs
I can’t compete with wordings
I can’t compete with holigraphs
I can’t compete with simple rhymes
I can’t compete with that which drives
I simply want to live in our world
I simply want to breath the air
I simply want to feel your stare
I simply want to matter, above all
I simply want to allow myself to fall
I don’t need your hands
I don’t need your eyes
I don’t need your pleasure
I don’t need your lies
I don’t need your love
I don’t need your number
I don’t need your covers
I do need your thoughts shared
I do need your emotions to lap deeply
I do need your mind weakening me
I do need your cravings
I do need

An Argument

A patchwork quilt spilled out and into a square. They fall into the covering and onto their backs.Two bodies side by side, together a powerful sight. Smiling eyes release their connection and turn upwards. Lost and gazing into a blue sky. White clouds overhead billowing, yet raging by. Arms pulled up and over their heads. Hands create sole pillows for their minds to find rest. Locked thoughts and desires just moments from notice or truth. With a bit of timing a mood changer created instead:

“Tell me of your life,” she whispered.
“There’s too much to recall, my dear.”
“Explain the cruelties of life, then. Start with why now and not twenty years sooner.”
“I can’t explain life, really. The fact is, my sweet, we aren’t allowed to question destiny.”
“Destiny? Is that what this is?”
“Now, look at that cloud!” he points upwards and across her chest.
“You mean the one over there that looks like an elephant,” she entertains.
“Elephant? I say, mountain.”
“Clearly, it’s an elephant!”
“Now, relax. Quickly, before the shifting begins, look again. See? Mountain…” he encourages.
“Maybe you could explain why you see a mountain and I see an elephant?”
“The explaination not as easy to believe, I fear. I’d like to see an elephant. I’m a believer in elephants. Alas, the cloud above us is a mountain strong and true.”
“So, you don’t want to see my elephant? You’d rather focus on your mountain?”
“Arguably, it isn’t as simple as what we see when laying here together.”
“I think it is. You don’t want to see my breathing elephant. You’d rather continue to view the cold hard mountain.”
“What is that supposed to mean? The elephant you see isn’t alive. It is a cloud passing by in the sky.”
“I think we both know what I mean!”
“I like laying here with you, though. It’s nice having a chat,” she exhaled.
“Yes, we should consider how to achieve more of that.”
“This…you mean. Achieve more of this…chatting.”
“No, I meant the disagreeing.”
“What?! Why?!”
“Ahh, it seems, you push me to look for elephants.”
“And I for mountains, my love…”

What My Mind Does For You


Hurry night, I’ve something waiting!

I have dreaming of tomorrows to show you

Wild thoughts I continue to prepare

Oh! What my mind does for you.

Proving what you can do, will do.

I lift you up through the clouds

I love to watch you strut about!

Thoughts of you, anticipating

Tomorrow, I beg you to open up

Show me what you’re needing

Maybe you’ll consume all of me

Tomorrow, you suit my dreams

I know my mind, I know it well

It isn’t safe

I shouldn’t go

Oh, but I will