Unrequited Love

Holly, of House of Heart, encouraged me to try the Non-Love Challenge. I never turn down a request from a fellow ginger, so here we go. ♡ Thanks for asking, my friend.

Rules for the “Non-Love in More than Ten Sentences Challenge”:
~The word “Love”, at least once.
~At least one adverb. (For instance: unavoidably).
~At least one quote or motto  in quotation marks.


Let’s start off with one of my favorite playwrites, J.M. Barrie. Sir, will you and your incredible optimism marry me?… *swoon* (If you’ve ever watched the movie Finding Neverland, you know the story behind his writing Peter Pan.)

“Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.” 
― J.M. Barrie

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Freely Submitting

Educated on his surroundings,
Masculinity unfolds daily,
Nothing comprehensible,
Not even in dreams.
Why find comfort in her?
Yet, she welcomes him, completely.


Grasping at the simplicity,
Of a dreamer’s thoughts.
Lacking expectations,
Freely giving of his heart.
Needing more than anything,
To feel the curve of her body.


She welcomes his presence,
Intensity of his desire,
To stay with her, if only for a while.
A sanctuary of his making,
Her devoted heart beating,
To the enormity of his craving.


Pain found upon his face,
She wrapped in his embrace,
A calming force surrounds.
Neither leave or waver,
Unaware of time or space,
For him she waits.


Knowing moments together pass,
Worldly duties, a requirement of fate,
Submitting, aware she’s all he has.
Fleeting bits of peace eagerly evade,
Tears washing sorrowful passions,
As returning again, always questioned.

Your Turtles


“Well, I think you’re brave, Dear.”

“We’ve been through this before, Audrey, I’m always brave.”

“Then why are you denying me eye contact? It seems to me that you’re nervous.”

“I’m not nervous!”

“You look nervous, as you fling that mud through the air, you know.”

“Yes, well, that could be because you keep bringing up tomorrow, Ma’am,” he replies, while standing up.

“Calling me names won’t help you sort your mind. What are you doing digging in the mud, anyway? ”

“Would you like a pie in the face,” he threatens, as mud goes flying through the air. Landing near her feet.

“I think you’re worried about a pie in your face, quite frankly,” she yelps, while she dances over two and three steps.

“I am not! What I’m doing is fishing, you see…”

“Yes, you are, Mister. Fishing? Umm, that’s mud. Just mud. Only mud.”

“Fix it!”

“I can’t fix it. This moment was meant to be, I believe.”

“What if I mess up horridly?”

“What if you do? It won’t change a thing. I’ll still be here, Darling.”


“Well, because I want to be, and you were here supporting me when no one else was, probably, so that makes us…us. You haven’t missed a single moment of mine. How many horrid moments did you encourage me through, Sir?”

“I can’t think of one, actually. No such moments for you.”

“There’s been plenty, ya Goof. Move over, please. What kind of fish are we looking for in here?” She questions, as her hands begin digging.




“…if you’re looking for turtles, then I’m looking for turtles.”

“There won’t be any turtles, I fear.”

“There will always be turtles…”

You’re gone, Gone, GONE

The party’s over
The bags are packed and by the door
Don’t you dare leave me, not again
You’re gone gone gone
I’ve loved you forever and back
You’ve been here since the beginning
I’ve not had to ask for your forgiveness
You understand what I’ve been through
A similar path, me and you
Lost in translation for others, it is true
I promised to tell a story
This I will do