Dusk, My Love


Dusk, My Love,
This moment always comes,
Now evident, you will incessantly fall,
like liquid sunshine from a weeping leaf.
With a somber face, I witness the ease,
Of you slipping out of my embrace,
And devotedly rising into hers,
Most eminently.


39 thoughts on “Dusk, My Love

  1. “Dusk, My Love, This moment always comes” this is the question ~ the feeling is more accurate ~ that is both sad yet exciting which makes it the perfect point of every day. The yearning to obtain what is simply unobtainable…strengthens rather than weakens the soul 🙂


  2. “like liquid sunshine from a weeping leaf.”
    –Love this line Audrey. The imagery here is so visual.
    The dusk, beautiful as it is, doesn’t stay very long, does it? Very metaphorical for life, emotions and experiences, wouldn’t you say?


    • I thought liquid sunshine sounded better than rain, as we’ve had so much of it this week. I’m glad you saw the beauty in my choice of words, Gus. Yes, that’s it. The idea of the one we cannot hold on to always, shifting away again and again, is where my heart was headed in this poem. Wanting those moments to last forever. I’m happy you enjoyed…


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