Vintage Cream


Intimate wine stained blossom
Watercolored in his apothegm
Prized possession
A bleeding perse into vintage cream
Phenomenal waves of beauty
Style trumping plum perfection
Transfixed by her ruffled edge
Oblivious to how she sashays
The wind, her proprietor, notices
And stays amused with her all day


147 thoughts on “Vintage Cream

    • Awesome, Kate. Thanks. I took the pic while visiting my dad this summer. He has a garden full of flowers he’s dug up from my grandmother and great grandmother’s gardens over the years. This flower is one of theirs, so vintage made sense. So glad you enjoyed this one. Makes me smile….
      You’re the best. πŸ™‚

  1. You made me pull out the dictionary! Which isn’t a bad thing I suppose, because every word fits seamlessly, and I learn a new word. Win-win.
    I wanted to ask; I feel like the two colors are supposed to be different characters in the poem. Am I right?

    • Which word hadn’t you heard before, Louis? I bet I can guess. I’ve just recently learned of it, as well. I’m very pleased to hear of your delight in learning whilst reading poetry. I enjoy it, too. You make me laugh…and feel much more normal.

      Yes, sort of, but no one really caught that until you. I played it down a bit, because as a whole she is one flower but with layers, as most women have, you know. The proprietor, who is smitten with her, loves both sides of this beauty. Careful, I have a history of swooning over readers who carefully read my poetry. I try to make the poem as simple as possible so anyone can enjoy them, but I also love to go as far as possible for those of us who love a bit more. No one should be afraid of poetry. Writing or reading…

    • I feel like I should known it: apothegm. I see what you mean about the layers. Quite expert of you. And the entire poem has layers too. Yay for metaphors! It reminds me of a quote I read somewhere… something about it how takes a lifetime to read a poem. Reading things carefully always seems to pay off (swooning or not). πŸ™‚ Poetry is awesome. There’s just so much you can do with the form, bend it to fit how you’re inspired and how short or long it is. I seem to write mainly poetry lately, despite my attempts at fiction.

    • It a tough word, for sure, Louis. Thanks for your compliment. Not sure I’m an expert, but I wish I were… Yes, exactly. A lifetime, as we’re always changing or our seasons drift. Aw, life. Poetry, has a way of grabbing hold, huh?! Glad there are enough of us to read each other’s work. We keep each other inspired. Mainly poetry for me, as well. Fictional pieces can be so demanding… Have a great night.

    • Yeah, but now that I know what it means I can get a better sense of that line. It’s food for thought, a watercolored apothegm.
      That’s a good point. I guess our understanding of a poem can change a lot simply because we do. Long may mutual inspiration reign! You have a great night too.

    • We can continue, Louis. πŸ™‚ I have a way of allowing you the chance to pay the tab and move on just so you know… LOL I’m thrilled to have you on this esteemed list that I wasn’t aware existed. However, there are a few of you out there and if you promise not to tell I’ll whisper to you that y’all are my favorites. Shh…

    • Haha, yes, it’s just something I’ve noticed. It’s neat to watch them grow into full-fledged conversations actually. The internet isn’t always conducive to that. I’m thrilled to be on it! And I promise not to tell… πŸ˜‰
      Okay I’ll be quiet now.

    • (musical intro) There’s antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium, and hydrogen, and oxygen, and nitrogen, and rhenium, and nickel, neodymium, neptunium, germanium, and iron, americium, ruthenium, uranium, europium, zirconium, lutetium, vanadium, and lanthanum, and osmium, and astatine, and radium, and gold, protactinium, and indium, and gallium (*breath*), and iodine, and thorium, and thulium, and thallium. (musical interlude) There’s yttrium, ytterbium, actinium, rubidium, and boron, gadolinium, niobium, iridium, and strontium, and silicon, and silver, and samarium, and bismuth, bromine, lithium, beryllium, and barium. (longer musical interlude) There’s holmium, and helium, and hafnium, and erbium, and phosphorus, and francium, and fluorine, and terbium, manganese, and mercury, molybdenum, magnesium, dysprosium, and scandium, and cerium, and caesium, and lead, praseodymium, and platinum, plutonium, palladium, promethium, potassium, polonium, and tantalum, technetium, titanium, tellurium (*breath*), and cadmium, and calcium, and chromium, and curium. (musical interlude) There’s sulfur, californium, and fermium, berkelium, and also mendelevium, einsteinium, nobelium, and argon, krypton, neon, radon, xenon, zinc, and rhodium, and chlorine, carbon, cobalt, copper, tungsten, tin, and sodium.
      These are the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard, and there may be many others but they haven’t been discovered. (ending chord)

    • Louis, this is, by far, the BEST comment I have ever gotten! Are you kidding me!?! I loved this…. I sang it for you, as well. Too bad you’ll never hear it. Thanks so much for the lovely pauses…I needed them. (I couldn’t help picturing Sheldon from Big Bang while I read along.) I do hope you sang this to me while you wrote it! β™‘β™‘β™‘Bravo! !! *laughing so much*

    • Haha, yay! *bows* Best? Your words have made my evening. XD I’m glad I could make you laugh. I wish I could hear you sing it. Somehow it didn’t cross my mind to sing it then, but I did type them all myself. I sang it for you just now though, along with the man himself. I don’t know what I did in my spare time before my Chemistry professor showed this to the class. Maybe I’ll get extra credit if I memorize it… πŸ™‚

    • You get extra points for the wow factor and the complete “taken by surprise” effect I innocently produced when clicking on your comment, Louis. Letting you hear me sing this list would result in you finding out that I cannot pronounce half of these elements. I thought for sure you would have hummed along. Loved the video, by the way! Are you currently taking Chemistry, because if you are you just might recieve extra credit. I’d give it to you…!!! πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ Just try to pronounce them so they rhyme I suppose. It is a neat video. It’s such a cool song, and I didn’t know it was that old. I am taking Chemistry (111). Maybe if I perform it in class…
      … how did we get from poetry to chemistry?

    • Well, hold on a sec, you are the one who doubted my lack of clever things to say.
      I don’t think I’ve ever had quite such a conversation as a commenter, so yes. Maybe I’ll stumble across it one day some years from now and be like, “Hey, I remember that!” And the poem itself continues to be awesome, so why not.

    • Hold on a sec….umm, you’re the one who said you had nothing clever left to say and I was the ONE to say I doubted that…not that I agreed you had nothing clever left to say, Mister. (Did thatbeven make sense? Ha. )Yes, well, hang out on this blog and it can happen, Louis. Smiles. Someday when you’re famous you can say that lady was nuts. πŸ™‚ Aww, thank you for saying that again. You are so sweet.

    • No no, exactly, you doubted my LACK of clever things to say. I know you didn’t agree with my statement, so I just had to try harder to find something clever and that was the first thing that popped into my head. Which again, that would make it my fault I suppose… (Did that even make sense?) Sorry for my unclear word choice.
      Sometimes I think we are all nuts to be honest. πŸ™‚ Well thank you for saying that too.

    • Quite true. You always make good points at just the right time. And thanks for saying that too. You are too kind. πŸ™‚
      I now have to hit page down 15 times to see this whole conversation. πŸ˜›

    • 16 times! πŸ™‚ Haha, well, I do enjoy talking to you. It’s taken a little bit of getting used to; I haven’t much experience with getting to know someone solely via the internet. But I am quite glad to know you. πŸ˜‰

    • … and 16 days.
      It is interesting. But I am less of a cynic about it now. I would say that we’re friends at this point. What do you think? Yes, indeed to trustworthy normalness.
      Yeah, blogging is strange, but I like it. It works for a variety of writing.

    • Ah, I see, so you already have an idea. Well, it just sort of didn’t stop. We kept finding conversation in it. It’s interesting, the way conversations either flow on or sort of fade away as though they have a mind of their own.

    • *laughs* No. Although I have tried to imitate his voice, it’s never quite as hilarious as the real thing. File under: sound clips I could listen to over and over again all day giggling. Along with David I’ve Got Cake. πŸ™‚
      Sometimes I guess I’m a little too silly for my own good.

    • Haha! Quite an awesome video. πŸ™‚ Thanks for that; I had forgotten those even existed. Have you seen the one with the man trying to sell a penguin?
      This thread is not at all about the poem any more, but I hope you don’t mind.

    • No, I’ve never seen that one. Show me…
      I know it isn’t, but I bet you’ve noticed that a lot of my longer comment sections tend to get away from the poem that spark them. It happens the more our friendship grows, ya know. Blogging can be more about the relationships than the post, I think. I mean, yeah, this poem was therapeutic to write and I enjoy that I caused you to think and comment. Job done. Now the rest of this is about us making each other laugh and getting to know one another. It can be very cool.

    • Okay, I’m back.
      Here it is! These kids crack me up. “I knocked on the doorbell, and rang it…”

      Yes, that is interesting, about blogging becoming more about the people you meet. It’s been neat to experience it. You find a post, or someone else finds yours, and they leave a comment, and you write one back and away we go. It has been wonderful getting to know you.

    • Hi, there…okay, I’ve watched this a few times now. “So do you want the pinguen? ” *giggle* You, as well, Luke. Thanks for the laugh tonight. I’m wanting to leave you a video to watch…I feel as though I must return the favor.

      I’ve been studying a bit about instant gratification in young children. There’s this theory on waiting…anyway, this marshmallow test is a funny example…
      The Marshmallow Experiment – Instant Gratification:

    • I love it! Interesting experiment to watch… KIDS, there’s an obvious answer here. Although, after all, it is just a marshmallow.
      For some reason it reminds me of this video… not sure why, but it’s a cool video anyway.

      Have a beautiful day, Audrey.

    • You’re not playing fairly, Luke. This was the sweetest video ever. I loved it. I smiled throughout. What a great idea. While watching, my stomach would knot up in fear that someone would say, “No, thank you.” I kept feeling such relief for him. You know, it’s true what they say about happiness. It really is more rewarding to see someone else happy. This video made my day, Luke. Thank you for sharing it with me.

      (Insert super sweet video here…however you win hands down.)

      So how about a laugh…

      Gerry Dee – Bruno.wmv:

      Have a wonderful night, Luke.

    • He does talk really fast. But he’s fun to listen to. If you have heard of the author John Green, that’s actually his brother Hank. Hank and John do a vlog on YouTube together. I dunno if I think like him, but I like the way he thinks.
      Audrey, you should know that I don’t know enough English to understand what that video is about. But I think it’s supposed to be funny, am I right?

    • Ah, non. Et je ne parle pas le francais. C’est quoi le probleme avec les francais? Leur langue est si strange. C’est pourquoi je ne parle pas un mot de francais. Pas un mot. Et je vois que tu ne parles pas l’espagnol. Je ne te crois pas. Je pensait tu es nΓ© en l’Espagne. N’est-ce pas vrai?

      Yeah, they’re fun. And often educational. I like this one where he’s about to move and going through a bunch of old stuff.

    • Eh… I’m gonna say no. I get frustrated trying to read stuff in French. But I can carry on very general conversations.
      Hmm… accents… that makes me curious: would you say you have a particular accent? I mean, everyone does, but I mean one that would be noticeable to visitors from other parts of the country?

    • Gotcha. πŸ™‚ You like blending in? Do you ever wear a cowboy hat? πŸ™‚ (Are there really a lot of cowboy hats in Texas or not really.)
      (Also, are all the drivers in Texas as crazy as they are in Dallas?)

    • I will say I like blending in to the point I don’t want attention drawn to me, but I’m a tall redhead and we don’t blend in easily. So I embrace it and am usually the loud one. I don’t wear a cowboy hat, but I do wear boots. Sometimes…not always. Yes, lots of cowboy hats. Even in Houston…but only when the situation calls for it. Night life, in Houston has them, but you won’t see them at the mall. Outsude of the city…everyone has them, it seems.

      Drivers in Houston are just as bad as the drivers in Dallas…all city drivers are crazy. Comes with the territory, I’m afraid, but one adapts quickly and you have to keep up or you’ll die!! *giggle*

    • *laughs* Well, that’s one reason I’m glad not to live in the city. Although, one wouldn’t have to drive as far to get to a Starbucks…
      Thanks for answering my annoying questions. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, and that is handy if one enjoys coffee! Which, I do and especially this time of year, as they have the Dalted Caramel Mocha and it makes me happy. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      You questions are not annoying, Luke. Be nice to you, Mister. I have some annoying questions, by the way. How about I ask one? Is Virginia full of history buffs? I imagine it being that way…

    • I’ve come to like coffee this year. πŸ™‚ I’m a convert though, and I retain due allegiance to tea… Coffee is good for making one happy though! I enjoy the opportunity of sitting with some and journaling between classes since there’s a coffee shop on campus.
      Hmm… I would say it’s likely. I’m not an authority, but a) my history professor is definitely one, though perhaps that’s to be expected, and my mom likes history too; b) there’s a local radio program that focuses on the Constitution, and topics surrounding it; c) there are a good amount of historical sites within a twenty minute drive of my house. The opportunity is there anyway. πŸ™‚ Do you like history?

    • Now that is a nice image, Luke. It sounds like you use your time very wisely. Tea? What is it with tea? I like it, too….but I had no idea east coast men liked it so much. I’m not used to that.

      Okay. Well, seems your history professor doesn’t count…smarty pants. You have a great way of answering questions. Well done. I guess it is as likely as history fanatics would be here then…
      Me? History? Look!!! Squirrels! Maybe a bit…smidge. Little bits. Do you? What are you studying to be, Luke?

    • πŸ™‚ I dunno, do East Coast men in particular like tea? I have no idea… I hope its a wise use of time anyway. Not as immediately practical as studying, but maybe one’s mind needs a chance to recharge to full capacity.
      Thanks! I’m finding history to be more interesting than I used to. Maybe it’s because we’re going through everything on fast-forward compared to what I did in high school. I haven’t really decided what I’m going to major in… I mean, I’m only 16 right now, so I have a little bit of time to decide. Possibly Philosophy, possibly Music. I might enter seminary if that’s where God calls me… ‘Tis something to pray lots about. πŸ˜‰

    • I dunno, either, but it seems to be a reoccurring theme on male bloggers. Now, you’ve finished high school already…I’m very impressed, Luke. A little bit of time?? You have tons of time. Enjoy it. Sounds like you are, which is good. I say you go for all three…I personally wanted to continue on and get my masters in Philosophy, but got caught up in teaching. I may still one day. I also have plenty of time. Not as much as you, but a lot.

    • Huh. Maybe it’s because on the East Coast we’re closer to England, and the English like tea, and so people who are a little closer to England like tea a little more, and men like it because… I dunno. ‘Cause they do. That didn’t explain anything.
      That’s a good point. We have whole long lives, but we seem to try and condense all our learning to the first 22 years of it. I guess it’s easier for young brains to a degree… but we can always keep learning.
      I don’t think I’ve ever asked: what is it you teach?

    • Maybe. XD Do you indeed have a particular affinity for tacos?
      Well, that must be a neat job. I bet children love you. πŸ™‚ I know in general the younger you are the easier it is to learn a second language… does this hold true for kids that young in your opinion?

    • Aw, no! I just didn’t know how to advance the conversation, so I wanted to make sure you weren’t tired of it… I’m sorry. I have this obsession with perfect endings too, so I didn’t want it to fizzle away silently. But I kind of failed at it. Stop sniffing! You’ll make me cry too. 😦 πŸ™‚

    • Alright then… πŸ™‚ I can take teasing. I’m used to it given my family. Sorry ’bout that though. I know that part of conversations is supposed to happen behind the scenes usually, so to speak.
      Well, as usual, there are a lot of CD’s on my list. Some books. A large Nalgene water bottle to replace the one I lost. And some peace and quiet and friendship and inner stillness. πŸ™‚ What about you?

    • Hah! πŸ™‚ Well that’s good. I think circumstance and body language usually cover those bases in face-to-face conversation. The internet is rather different…
      Sorry for the delay, BTW. Now that finals are over (HALLELUJAH!) I should be able to better keep up with the blogosphere. πŸ™‚
      Hmm… that would be a problem. πŸ™‚ You call it a writing bag; do you do your writing via computer for the most part? Or do you keep paper and pens handy as well?

    • Internet is strange at best when making friends, I think.

      Yay!! Finals are over, Luke! How will you celebrate? You know…the next Hobbit movie is here, I think. It looks super scary.

      Well, I call it my writing bag because it holds everything I may or may not use if I leave the house to write, which means the laptop, too. My book is on a laptop, my poetry is pen and paper most of the time. Unless I’m driving…then its anything I can find. Sometimes the speaker on my phone at a red light, which I do not condone.

    • Sorry it took so long to respond… some of these blogs I’ve discovered lately spark looooooong discussions.
      Yay indeed! I’ve been celebrating by enjoying the extra hours, I suppose. And waiting for packages of presents to wrap and give to people. Hoping they will arrive today… *eyes calendar nervously*
      I’ve not seen the third Hobbit movie yet. But I shall soon! I’m hoping it’ll be better than the second one… which I didn’t entirely enjoy. It seems there are SO many interesting movies coming out this Christmas! Perhaps I may have time to see them all.
      I see. Yay! Another pen and paper poet! That’s the only way I can write poetry, for some reason. You’re writing a book? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ What’s it about? *laughs* Well, when inspiration hits one, it ought to be captured via whatever means necessary, I suppose.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying long blog discussions. It means you’re having a good time talking with friends.

      *eyes the clock* Me, too. Merry Christmas, Luke. I didn’t enjoy that one either. I tired of all the gold coins…it seemed to take forever.

      Dreadfully boring book about a super annoying woman. Anyway, yes, tis time to write, so I bid you good morning…

      Merry Christmas Eve, Luke. Hugs.

    • Audrey! I wish I could have gotten to this sooner, but MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO!!! XD XD I hope the season has been full of joy for you. *hugs back* ‘Tis nice to be on vacation, that’s for sure.

      I’m guessing the super annoying woman is you? I see no evidence for this accusation. πŸ™‚ It can’t be that boring, really, can it? Maybe you could make it an epic poem. πŸ˜›

      By the way (this seems as good a place to mention it as any), I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You may have already been nominated for it before, IDK, but I figured I ought to, seeing as I enjoy your poetry so much. Details can be found here. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Luke. So far Christmas has been so nice. A bit relaxing and a smidge busy. I went to see Night At The Museum. I just thought it was awesome. Soo funny. I love how they’ve found a way to encourage people to visit a museum, look into history with a keen eye and see the past with a sense of fantasy. So super cool. I hope you’ve slowed down enough to enjoy your holiday, as well.

      A long poem. Now that is an idea I hadn’t considered. Hmm….slightly intimidating, for sure. Book writing can be a tough beast. What classes are you taking next semester? Anything fun?

      Thank you!!! Aww. I am honored. Awards are the best. I can’t wait to read your post. Maybe you’ve put it up already. I shall have a look. Seems your blogging has paid off. You’ll be getting more and more, I bet. I loved getting mine when I first started blogging. Such a huge boost to know people were reading my posts. I’m thankful that you like my poetry.

    • What ho! Glad you’re enjoying Christmas. πŸ™‚ I saw that movie was out… I’d like to see it, but I haven’t seen the first two. Do you think that would matter much?

      I bet it is tough. I’ve never finished anything that long before; it’s the maintaining interest that gets me. Next semester I’m taking the second part of my English, Chemistry, and History classes… more of the same… but I’m also taking Philosophy 101, which should be interesting.

      Absolutely! You were an obvious choice for it. Yes, ’tis nice to know people read and enjoy my scribblings.that much. πŸ™‚

      Happy New Year again!

    • Well, I suppose it matters a bit. The characters have build a relationship, which is quite beautiful by the final movie. However, it stands alone nicely, too.

      I’ve finished it, but the rewrite is proving I wasn’t honest enough about where it should have gone, so I’m slowly tending to its heart. *pass the scalpel*
      Philosophy. …nice. A love of mine, you see. Enjoy it!!!

      Not scribblungs at all. A joy to read your positive vibes!

      Happy New Year…

    • Will any of us get to read it? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      I do hope to enjoy Philosophy! It’s always intrigued me.

      My, this thread goes back forever, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

    • Okay… Sorry; I tend to get excited when people I know are working on such things. πŸ˜€

      XD YAY!!!! *more confetti* Looking back at this thread though… ugh: there’s one comment where I didn’t close the tag for the link I was posting. It bugs me…

    • πŸ™‚ It’s the comment I made on the 28th of October. It needs a “” after the exclamation point I think. *laughs* I think once I post something it’s entirely in your hands. (Can you edit comments?) But you needn’t trouble yourself. I just think it looks funny and I can’t believe I did that. Bad Luke. πŸ˜€

    • πŸ˜€ Nah, don’t hide behind a bush! *hides behind an obama*

      Sorry, couldn’t resist.
      What you did is splendoriffic. Thanks for indulging my paranoia. πŸ™‚ You da best too! *hugs back*

    • πŸ™‚ …an Obama, not that’s an interest, Luke.

      Oh, I’m so glad it meets you’re approval. I couldn’t figure out the “” thing, so I just did what I normally do. Tis the route of the non-techie ladies of the house, you see… I couldn’t have you worried about your image. I wanted you to shine in all your intelligent glory. Thank you for the hug! πŸ™‚

      I went to the beach today. It was nice and pretty warm, not warm enough for swimming, but for toes in the water and some photography. Hope your weekend was nice.

    • πŸ™‚ Well, thanks a million. Hey, I make mistakes. It just bugged me that I did that is all. But thanks for caring about my image, friend. “intelligent glory”… You flatter me too much, Aud! Well, you shine in poetic luminescence and kindness.

      The beach! Too cold for swimming for sure… Unless you’re one of those Polar Bear Plunge people. I think I saw the photography on one of your poems recently, no?
      My weekend was nice! All-day choir retreat. Fun stuff. Preparing for our Valentine’s Day show/fundraiser next month. ‘Twill be awesome I think… wish you could come.

    • Yes, I know, nobody’s perfect. Now, who’s being the Charmer? Huh? πŸ™‚ Thank you…

      No, I’m not a Polar Bear Lady, but tisn’t that cold here, however, even 67 in January is too cold for ocean water. Yes, I took a bunch of photos and will sprinkle them in over the next week or so, I think.

      A choir retreat sounds interesting and fun. I think what you do must be pretty fantastic. I love how busy you stay. I have no doubt that the Valentine’s Day show will be amazing. You’ll be stealing hearts all over the room, I bet. I wish I could be there to see you perform, too. *sad face*

    • Ah, yes, I forget you are so far south… 67, eh? Hmm… nice and warm. The ocean photos were wonderful! I wish I could be near the ocean right now…

      XD I try to love how busy I stay too. It’s a lot of work, but I love it. Here’s hoping it goes well for sure! Well now, I dunno about stealing hearts… people tend not to live as long without them.

    • Oooh… how cold? Here’s hoping you get some snow at some point this year! We haven’t seen much at all here, so maybe it’s migrating south?

      XD I’m just joking! I dunno… how ’bout helping them enjoy their evening, and maybe making it into their memories. But that’s too long… IDK. I bet my friend Ian will for sure… he’s a mad scientist for his song. πŸ˜€

    • Snowed like crazy here today, but only for ten minutes. Weird flash-blizzard.

      Yes, but he’s a hilarious mad scientist! He’s doing this number, from same genius behind The Elements Song:

    • A flash blizzard!! *green with envy* Makes me think of hot chocolate and a movie out the window, Mr. Philosopher.

      Well, I should say so!! Is your friend singing this song? I laughed when he said a little bit of arsenic (sp?)…how mean! Poor birds… this was funny!
      Good Luck this weekend!!! I’ll be thinking of you. Break a leg! Hugs…

    • I forgot about this thread. *is sorry* Winter is finally fading. It was in the 60s the other day and all of a sudden it struck me that it probably won’t get cold again. So that’s nice. πŸ™‚ WE SURVIVED!

    • XD Yes, the tulips have finally started blooming! And it’s warm! Winter can be nice, but by April, Spring is quite welcome.

      XD o.O What did i just watch????

    • Oh yeah, we agree on again. We’re good at coming to these agreements together. Long dresses are nice, certainly. I like this sensual image you’re conjuring up. And you’re welcome.

    • Thanks. I think we both have similar eyesight then. We might disagree on dress length, but then again it makes no sense to argue of greater betters. I think they are both equally good. I take it your short dress wearer then ;). Always nice to learn new things about you, Aud.

    • Haha, thanks for compliments. Long and flowy is a good way to go. I can picture it but would be better to see. And well, when we admit these things we definitely learn more about each other and get closer. Knowing better is better in this digital age. πŸ™‚

    • You just like to stir up trouble, Benjamin. Seems you’ve been writing your romance novel again, as you are on fire and making me blush. I hope you’re using this fantastic mood of yours to your writing benefit. However, I seem to be doing all the admitting. Seems one sided. πŸ˜‰ Smiles. Digital…yeah.

    • On fire and blushing. That’s romantic stuff for sure. I am still working on that novel, but only little by little. We’re both admitting. I admitted I’d enjoy seeing you in these dresses, yes? I’m blushing, too, in some capacity. We do well working together. πŸ™‚

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