My Welcome Home


Elevation’s strayed daughter
Devotedly arrives home
Following cloudy pleas
Fiercest welcome, beckoning
Wilderness claims her willingly
A foggy, earthy morning
Whispers her name adoringly


47 thoughts on “My Welcome Home

  1. I just read this one again and realized it’s outside of Boulder – where I’m headed on Saturday! Will be visiting my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson – YAY! I’ll have to ask them about this trail. Such beauty.


    • No way! Oh Shari, if you can, find the Hessie Trail. It is located up Boulder Canyon and outside the small village of Eldora. I grew up staying in a family cabin there with my grandparents during the summer. My great greats worked the Hessie Trail bringing logs and rock town that mountain for generations. My great grandfather a local physician in Boulder. Have a wonderful time!!! Yay! Please let me know if you go, even just for the drive. There is a breathtaking waterfall in Boulder Canyon you can’t miss.


    • Audrey, thank you for the insider’s tip. I’ll definitely suggest this as an outing. We’ll have an 8-month old with us so most likely will be a road trip at this point. Love waterfalls, this sounds like a great idea.
      My dad was a physician as well. I’ll have to sleuth for evidence of a red haired doc who once healed cowboys and inspired young poets! Heh heh heh


  2. Super, Lady Audrey! I liked the foggy morning whispering her name adoringly – as well as elevation’s strayed daughter. Yep, I like it very much. You poets! I wish I could do what you do – capture the mood and the heart with lovely words that create arresting images and feelings.


  3. I like the contrasts here, of the foggy earth whispering against the fiercest welcome. And that’s a really pretty photo, too.


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