Storms Will Brew


Whatever monstrous storm you escort,
Be aware that I contain determination.
Fearless disbursements of strength,
Withstand forces of a cimmerian sky.
Calmness shall dismount here soon,
Predetermined fate will then smile.
Accelerate the tempestuous rain,
Peaceful contentment surely awaits.


27 thoughts on “Storms Will Brew

  1. Yes, storms are some of the most beautiful, yet destructive forces of nature in the Universe…and I find them absolutely enthralling to witness (even when targeted directly at me…). As when it all passes, there is a peace like no other, even if it means having to pick up the pieces left in its wake. It is a great trait to have Audrey, appreciate all that comes your way, especially when something just can’t be controlled ~ the great spirit of human nature. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Me too, Dalo. This five week trip I’ve been on and finishing up this next week has been full of stormy weather. The craziness is that I love them. Seasons of tornado weather hold some of my fondest memories. The smells, colors and sounds before running for cover I find addictive. I grew up around it and now I know I’m home when I witness it. Built me strong, I’d say. Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska sent me on my way via stormy moments. Only thing that would have made this trip better was having someone else who repects the storm along for the ride.
      Thank you.


    • That is a great way to say it: respect the storm. Some of us can’t help but feel the electricity and excitement storms bring. Enjoy your final week of home ~ wish it a smooth final week for you and your family. Cheers.


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