Hanging Out – Part 2

Rajiv’s Part 2 train adventure. I’m trying not to envy the risk he took. Very cool, indeed.

A Gypsy's Life In Black And White

Trees. While Hanging Out Trees. While Hanging Out

This is the second of the “Hanging Out” pair of photographs dedicated to  Audrey Dawn.

We had gone up to a small hill station called Matheran, just outside Bombay. It really is not high at all, just about 2,000 odd feet above sea level. We took the suburban train to a place called Neral, and from there we walked up. We caught the train at 1 am, reached Neral at 3 am, and by 5 am, we were in Matheran. I think, about 5:30 am.

As we had not booked any accommodation, we had to bribe a chap into letting us use the toilets in the public area of a hotel to brush our teeth and, you know, shit! No bathing, no shaving.

We walked around Matheran during the day, and by the evening, we were dead beat. So, we took the train down to…

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