Sprucing Up The Place

deteriorating wall
color combinations weak
periscope, maybe


A few housecleaning details for y’all today. I am aware it is Friday, and nobody likes cleaning on the edge of a weekend, but I needed to say thanks for all the recent follows. AND thank you for not giving up on my poetry.

The giggles are returning which is always a good sign. I’ve been writing a lot, but mostly I’ve been working. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. This past year has been incredibly busy with churches closed for many.

When the inevitable occurred it made my day job 100% harder.

I have become quite familiar with bells, whistles, bright lights, more technology, post offices, zoom, louder microphones and standing on my head. I’ve never been accused of having a case of “the look at me’s” so you can imagine what having to do so did for my soul.

My creativity took a beating as did all my relationships.

I’ll be sprucing up the place and working on updating my pages, as I focus on getting things ready for an announcement many have waited years to hear.

Find beauty in your weekend my loves,


Seasons Of You


The blues set in
I cry, weeping into the abyss
Why, oh why, won’t you come close
What I did was never discussed
Maybe you’ve decided, I’m not good enough
Spring blooms
I feel refreshed and new
Believing, I’m finally over missing you
Accepting, our fate, you for who you are
Me for always having been too late
Images of what could be, consuming
Summer arrives
My body sizzles as I get lost
Alive with your scent on mine
Longing to fulfill desires
Your name boldly rushing within my veins
Water over takes, I feel your waves
Fall begins
Brown sets in
A final call for you to arrive
This feeling of love held deep inside
I want, I need, I must, yet, distrust
Your promises falling through, I need you

Thank You

I imagine
A tree
Inside out
Yet, bark, like skin
Scarred and rough
This tree
Just like you and me
Fed by the Father
Holy Spirit
All uniquely
United to form One
Thank you, God
For bringing me
To be all I dreamed
To allow sleep
To grow hearts
I Thank You
For all the transgressions
You forgave
Renewing the flesh
Which causes such pain
So one day
We’ll all live with You again


Within the night she runs far away
Upon the mountain top she climbs
She cries
You must tell me why
Shouting at the stars
Wishing upon a different fate
Mistakes made
Broken no longer clean
Falling down in the rocky ground
She welcomes even more pain
To take it for you, you and you
Never offer understanding
Misery enjoys company
Leave quickly
She’s coming