Wink At Me


Look at you
Enhancing my freckling
Sunbathing in your glow
Warming my skin
This chair allowing me to fall in
There you are
Up so high
I see your smile
Your eyes, too
Lost in thoughts
Taking the afternoon off
Drinking a margarita
Or two
Allowing my mind to wander
And do whatever it desires 
With you

39 thoughts on “Wink At Me

  1. If I slather on my sunblock 50 and put on my wide floppy hat, can I wink back at the sun with you, Audrey? I’m pretty handy when it comes to sharing a Margarita or two… or three. This was playful and fun; I liked the imagery. 🙂


  2. This is so good! Especially considering the past couple weeks in Hong Kong where there has only been a brief wink or two of the sun…and then nothing but thunderstorms (which are cool in their own right). Cheers to a good weekend.


  3. The sun has you in its palm, huh, Audrey. I love the ‘enhancing my freckling’ line. Taking the afternoon off Drinking a margarita or two is pretty good for a Friday afternoon, too! Happy weekend!


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