Sunlight pushing
Through my window
Oh how I’ve missed you
You beg me outside
Come play for awhile
Me always submitting
The warmth you provide
When I step into you
The light you create
Reaches far and wide
Brightness over takes
This woman’s mind
Your soothing rays
Meant to wash over my day
Reminding me
I’m alive
Your rainbow of color
Feels like a smile
Strong and inviting
Helps me run towards you
Maybe one more mile
A sunrise you’ve perfected
Your job done
Rise up and come to me
Finding your place
Amongst the sky
Steady your pace
Join me today
Walking slowly
Enjoying our journey


43 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. Your words are so gorgeous, it makes one feel they were there with you! It is a blessing to be nourished by his spirits life to begin each day and you have expressed it wonderfully! This is my third blog and this one I started in December of last year, the other two were on for a while. In you, in what you write I see and feel that kindred spirit blessed by heavenly love. You got something special….and thanks for the visit and leaving a special smile with your embracing words! Know that God has blessed you tremendously. Hugs and blessings!


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