I remember, our song
Your daily kiss, good morning
I remember, our love
Afternoons, of mutual understanding
I remember, our passion
Evenings, between star crossed lovers
I remember, everything
Nothing, is the same here without you
I remember, your words
Mostly lingering, but the sweetest lies

Special Coupling



Shining simplicity
Popping pleasantly
Exuding exquisiteness
Cherished couple
Innocent illumination
Always attentive
Longing lovers

These two have something special, I think. Look at the way they pop off the green leaves behind them. Carefree, as if together they understand this crazy world a little better, because they have each other. They almost look to be grasping petals, don’t they? I find peace in believing that these two are holding onto each other, actually. Probably clueless to the idea that everyone wants to live life similarly, choosing to believe everyone already does, and we definitely should be. Two flowers perfectly suited for one another and willing to go through hell as one. Love at its finest, it seems. ♥

My Captain


Wake up, Captain,
Time to see what this,
Ol’ vessel will do.
Take me away,
The sea is calling,
Insisting on a quest.
Pleading, may I go with you?
Our boat’s broken,
I don’t mind.
We’ll fix her quirks,
She’ll shine bright,
Reflecting diamonds in my eyes.
Toss the map overboard,
A destination shows weakness,
We’ll go where the wind pleases.
Somewhere beyond,
These familiar shores,
Time relinquishes its hold.
Allowing us to release control.
Enjoy a voyager’s life,
Void of pressures or fears.
I’ve waited for you long enough,
Captain O’Captain,
Call me your First Mate,
Or if I’m in luck, your Lady.
I’ve proven I’m ready,
I believe in a better life,
This is destiny waiting.
Now fire this Beauty up!
Listen to her cough,
Smoke doesn’t bother me,
No, not at all.
This anxious smile,
All because of you.
Wave good-bye,
Tell them we’ve had fun.
Our adventurous dreams,
Have us fleeing,
Like lovers on the run.
Finding peace,
Beyond what is normal,
Past what makes sense,
Into a life of craziness.
This is our boat,
Her name:
Out Of Control
Or your favorite:
Will This Thing Sink
I giggle and reply,
For you I’d do anything.



Whirls of adored simplicity
A delicacy in abounding view 
Stretching her immaculate petals
A life of extravagance is her dream
Burdened to sway within these leaves
Predestined, but she agrees to glow
Allowing her white curves to show
Slender dancing limbs persuade
Pristine color an earthly fate
As we all watch intently
Indulging in her glow

Dance With Me

I just need this one dance
Nothing else, I promise
Yes, this one
I know, its slow
Take me where I need to go
Allow me
Hold me close
I need to feel
Strong hands
Strength, of your lead
Pull me into your arms
Offer your shoulder
Cradle me closer
Hearts beating as one
I know no other
Honor this one wish
My love
Sing to me softly
Show me the way
I can’t do this
Without you

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m leaning on Julie Andrews this morning, I’ll always love her. Don’t mess with the Sound of Music, it’s just fine the way it is. Okay, that’s my two cents. Can we all move on now?

Oh the news, oy vey! In other news, I’m about to make my WordPress friends all cringe with talk of damsels in distress. Not a normal stance for me, but I needed to remember why we all believe in love. I need to remember.  Continue reading